Google Updates Gmail and Calendar WebApp for iPhone

Says Google's blog:

Today we're happy to announce a new and improved experience when you access Gmail and Calendar through the browser of your iPhone and Android-powered devices. What's new? For Gmail, we've improved the user interface to make it easier to message on the go, and we've introduced "Floaty Bar," which makes sure common actions such as archive and delete are only a click away (check out the video tour below). You can also start the application, compose mail, and open recently read messages even when you're offline. With the new Calendar, you can edit or respond to an event and, like Gmail, the app is accessible even without a network connection. To quickly navigate between Gmail, Calendar, and other mobile applications, you can use the classic links that now always appear across the top of the screen. The "more" menu provides easy access to the full list of applications. To read more about what's new, take a look at the Gmail and Calendar posts on the Mobile blog.

Google claims they're focusing on WebApps over native apps because they're faster to iterate which makes sense, especially if they want to leverage their work across all WebKit mobile devices (iPhone, Android, and soon Palm Pre). Still, we have to ask...

Where's our native push Gmail?!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Google Updates Gmail and Calendar WebApp for iPhone


OMFG! Anyone knows how the hell they got this floaty bar to work on iPhone? As web developer's know, iPhone always returns zero to the scrollTop property, making it impossible to see where the user is scrolling, but once again Google knows something else?

Why does this update not include a way to create a appointment for a calendar other than your primary? You can view multiple calendars. I want to be able to add events to different calendars as well. Seems easy enough to me.

Would be perfect, if, as the article notes, it could notify us when we had new mail in the inbox. Push Gmail is urgently needed. For that matter gmail needs to do something about that on the desktop, the gmail notifier currently available is lame.

RENE! RENE! RENE! I CAN ADD MY WINDOWS LIVE HOTMAIL ACCOUNT DIRECTLY TO MY iPHONE MAIL.APP!! I've tried to do this at least once a week waiting for windows to open the flood gates for free WLH users. Before I had to forward all of my mail from hotmail to my yahoo(which I had to create only for that purpose) account which would take all that mail and put some in bulk mail and some in my inbox and it was terrible! But now I'm free!! I suggest u write up a post about the topic for all hotmail users. Who knows, this may have just been a glitch. But I also recieved an email from the "windows live team" saying you can even get windows live mail on iPhone. So who knows.

Threading and support for labels would be a nice addition to (among plenty of other suggestions).