Google updates Google Books, offers landscape reading on the iPad

Google has released an update to its ebook reading application Google Books. The update mainly offers support for landscape reading mode on the iPad but does include a few extra features and bug fixes.

Some of the new features include the “Find” feature, which shows matched words throughout the book when you scroll. Also, you can automatically sign in to Google when you tap “Get eBooks”.

Bug fixes cover speed improvements, 3-D page turning for the iPad on iOS 4.3 and above and a better downloading experience.

Do any of our readers use Google Books? Let us know in the comments!

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Helen says:

Is there an ebook app that allows the user to take notes or highlight text while reading?

Helen says:

I have ibooks but it only allows viewing of the book. I can also add bookmarks but would like to be able to take notes just as if I had the book in front of me. I will look at the kindle app. If anyone else has suggestions, please let me know. thanks! I

TumnusMr says:

Hold down on a word in iBooks and it should let you highlight or add a note. Make sure you have the latest version by checking for upgrades in the App Store.

Peter says:

Kindle lets you highlight and take notes also.

SteveW928 says:

Yep, and it even syncs them to Amazon's 'cloud' so they are available on any of the kindle reader devices. I just wish they had hired some real programmers for the OSX version. The iOS version works quite nicely, but the OSX version looks and works like a half-baked-Windows-app. Other than all the UI weirdness, if you do a lot of highlighting or notes, it goes all wonky and is pretty much unusable to access those notes/highlighting.
I hope they fix it soon, but I'm a bit worried, as the app looks like the programmers who wrote it don't know anything about OSX.

iBlackdude says:

Is there a way to select - copy words ???

d2globalinc says:

Kindle is the only way to go... amazon way ahead of the game here..