VoiceCentral's Black Swan Brings Google Voice to the iPhone


Riverturn has entered into the Google Voice for iPhone arena with it's latest offering VoiceCentral Black Swan. Google Voice and iPhone have a long history together and it has not been pretty, until now that is.

Black Swan is an application you can get outside of the App Store and you do not need to have a jailbroken device. It is not a web app like the official Google solution but rather a feature rich "weblication" that enables you to view and manage your Google Voice data just like you would with a native iPhone application. As you can see by the following features, no stone as been left unturned with this app:

  • Native iPhone look and feel.
  • Sync your Google Voice data.
  • Automatic and immediate updates.
  • Offline access to Google Voice data.
  • Listen to Google Voice messages and read transcriptions.
  • Swipe to delete calls, voicemails, or SMS conversations.
  • Google Contacts import.
  • Call using Google Voice or iPhone.

Simply visit the Black Swan web site directly from your iPhone to download. You will have a choice to select between two versions - free (ad-supported) or premium. The premium version will run you $6.00 a year and for that you will also get zero ads, the ability to import contact photos, favorites, ability to search your inbox, and a do not disturb option.

This is hands down the best current solution for those of you who use Google Voice on your iPhones. Be sure to check out the demo of Black Swan in action and let us know how it works for you in the comments below!

[via TUAW]

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Reader comments

VoiceCentral's Black Swan Brings Google Voice to the iPhone


So what is a “weblication”?
Is it still a WebApp with the location bar hidden, using HTML5 and local SQL storage for persistent data?

Oh, please!
It is just another web app.
This is their installation instruction:
"To launch it,please add it to your Home Screen by clicking the '+' icon at the bottom of your screen [Safari browser], and relaunch the application from the icon that gets added."

Yes, it is essentially a webapp, albeit a very sophisticated one. It is a good effort, but there are some things a native app can do that a webapp cannot. Still, it is the best anybody can do as long as Apple bans -- excuse me, Mr FCC -- continues to evaluate native GV applications.

I've been using it for the last three days. To be honest, I find it far better than the alternatives. I had too many refreshing issues with googles webapp and with GV mobile. granted, I am almost positive this is because I live/work/function in Edge only coverage. Black Swan has been a considerable bit easier on the headaches. I paid the 6 bucks for a year, well worth it when im saving about 40 bucks a month with no texting plan.

just "installed" and it takes longer to load than just using Google's webapp, which works really well already. dont see the point of this. plus I hate the callback when i place a call, google's webapp doesnt call you back. this is kinda dumb

@Danny--I agree overall, but I can't yet ditch the texting plan because of the lack of push notification of new text messages (and email notification is too slow/subject to delays). Wish there was a way around this.

How can I get a Google voice invitation?? I've been waiting since they released the webapp.

I think I prefer the native Google Voice webapp make a call feature versus having the Blackswan app call me back, thats why I will always prefer the Google Voice Mobile webapp over GV Mobile+ or Blackswan. If Google could release the API to 3rd parties so Blackswan wouldn't have to resort to "calling back" to place a call, it would be pretty sweet!

Yes, it's a webapp, but unlike any other webapp I've seen. It takes a while to load the first time, but it's clear that data is locally stored because it loads much faster the second time. Try putting your phone in airplane mode and then launching it. It still loads, just tells you that you are offline. Clearly this is storing information locally and not loading it all from the web each time it is launched. I see this kind of webapp as an alternative to the app store. If you can get most of the look and feel of a native app and bypass the App Store...hmmm. Might be an alternative to jail break for apps that Apple won't approve.

I use Gmail Push by iLegendSoftware. I setup a seperate gmail texting account. filter any SMS from my google voice/main gmail to the texting account. Then i set the app to preview sender and message and it does all that i need.

Ok Renè. No japan bashing today.
Got an e-mail from Black Swan informing me my account had been activated. Great! Tried to log in. No luck. Had signed up for google voice back in January. Everytime I go to the Voice page I get the page reading "Coming soon". WTF?? Since I can't use google voice I can't use Black Swan. WTF. I have the google voice app on my jb 3g. I can log in, but can't do anything else!! WTF? I have to in the USA??

It is a nice app but I see googles own webapp as eventually having all the features it provides. Right now for non jailbroken phones it is probably the nicest app. For jailbroken I think gv mobile is nicer. Ps (plug) for push notification of SMS and voicemail I think gvmax together with an IM client or prowl is the best solution.