Google Wallet app now available for iPhone and iPod touch

Google continues to expand its portfolio of iOS applications and today has launched Google Wallet for iPhone and iPod touch for the first time. The app that originated on Android as an NFC payment service has undergone some changes of late, including its debut now at last on iOS. It comes after a revamped Android app launched earlier this week. From the Google Commerce Blog:

Earlier this week we launched a new Google Wallet app for all Android phones (v2.3+). The response from users has been great, and we want iOS users to enjoy all of the benefits too. So, today we’re introducing the first Google Wallet app for iPhone (iOS v6.0+), which means even more people can easily send money to friends and store all of their loyalty cards and offers in one place.

Google Wallet allows you to send money to your friends using your Google account, all they need is a US email address. Additionally Google Wallet will manage all your existing loyalty cards and points by scanning them into the app, Google Offers is integrated with Wallet as with several other Google apps, and you can use Wallet to pay for items on selected websites that support the payment service.

Google Wallet is available to download for free in the App Store now, but it is U.S. only at this time.

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Google Wallet app now available for iPhone and iPod touch


I don't use anything google because of their extreme exploitation of our data and now they think I'm going to let them have my transactions and accounts?! Yeah, right.

Stay away, far, far away...

Om gee, Google exploits the data you give them?! No one has ever done that before...seriously though, do you really think they'll use your account data?...smdh...