Googlepalooza Continues! Google Earth for iPhone!

UPDATE: Jeff from 148apps provides the direct App Store link! Thanks Jeff!

iPhone 2.2 style Google Maps Street-view, Transit, Walking Directions, and Location Sharing still not enough Google love for the iPhone? Want just that much more proof of affection? How about this: Google Earth is coming to the iPhone!

According to CNet, Google Earth for the iPhone runs almost desktop-class well over WiFi and taps into CoreLocation Services, just like Maps. The accelerometer can be used to adjust the angle of the view, and multi-touch gestures are likewise supported. Geo-tagged photos, and Wikipedia tags round out a pretty dang impressive offering!

Says Stephen Shankland:

What's most interesting to me, though, is that the iPhone's multitouch screen actually made using the application easier than the PC versions. Dragging a fingertip across the screen slides the view appropriately, of course. Two-finger pinch gestures not only zoom in and out, but also, by adding a little twirling rotary motion, steer the view's orientation in one direction or another.

Google isn't monetizing the app with ads yet, but doesn't rule it out at some point. Likewise, they're not talking about an Android version yet (sorry AC!)

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Googlepalooza Continues! Google Earth for iPhone!


Got it just a while ago. Only played with it for a bit. Looks nice, but does seems to lag a little. Will give it a shot on 3G later.

Once again, not available for users in India :-( Same goes for the Google app. Me screams discrimination!!!