Google's Andy Rubin comments on iTunes and iPhone, shows of Android 3.0 tablet

Yesterday at D:DiveIntoMobile, Google's Android chief, Andy Rubin had some interesting comments about iTunes and iPhone, and showed off Motorola's upcoming Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" tablet. When asked if Google had any plans to start their new music store off with downloads, similar to how Apple's iTunes does it, Rubin's response was quick and to the point:

We could build that 10 times over... (it's) not the right experience.

Rubin also said he would like to see users have an intimate connection to music again like he had as a young kid when he would go to music stores to purchase albums. On the subject of iPhone:

I think everybody is embracing the iPhone, I think that Apple makes good consumer products and focuses on a robust consumer experience and consistency across applications. More recently, I see them getting involved in the other end of the mobile spectrum, which is services–the App Store, iTunes, etc. I think that when you move into the services business, it creates a lot of new opportunities. If the operating system is the razor, then services are the blades.

Rubin was also asked if Apple has the DNA to make it in the services business.

My assumption is Apple is a company that learns from its mistakes.

What with Apple's massive data center about to go online, and rumors of still in the news, could he be right?

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Reader comments

Google's Andy Rubin comments on iTunes and iPhone, shows of Android 3.0 tablet


I thought this was the iPhone blog, not the Android blog. I'm just saying that all this Android news have nothing to be doing in this website. Or change the name of the website to iPhone (and sometimes Android) blog lol

Rubin also said that craplets are a "feature" of Android. (Where craplets are the non-removable bloatware apps that manufacturers and carriers put on Android devices.) Just Google, oh the irony, "Rubin defends craplets" and you'll find articles with this quote:
"That’s the nature of open," Rubin said. "That’s actually a feature of Android."
And he's talking about "not the right experience"? What a freakin' shill.

You know your os has arrived when the TiPb keeps running stories about it. Let me stir the pot by saying that my Galaxy S should be receiving Google Maps 5 any day complete with offline navigation, and did y'all catch Rubin basically saying it wil never run on iOS. How do y'all like them apples.

@ jeffsandroid.
If history is anything to go on, your galaxy s will be the last to receive any kind of update. Lol

And what's the problem? What's your point?
As he ALSO said...consumers will vote with their wallet.
If these are horrible things, they'll not buy the phone.
If they just don't care. They'll buy it.
But then he also stated that is why Nexus was born also. To give people that option (albeit a SLIM option) of unadulterated Android as it should be. As they see it. As Google would have it run.
He used the HELL out of this word, but CHOICE is the main key.
I understand you'll blindly follow Apple no matter what, and honestly that's cool.
Me, I'm a techie. Android in one hand. iOS in the other. Typing away on Mac OS X. With Windows as backup. and Zune waiting to get back in the fold when/if they ever make a Zune client compatible with Mac.
But my point is...people like choice. Contrary to your beliefs. People like to choose...and Google/Android/OEMS offer that. If they don't want the craplets...they'll choose something else.
Either a different carrier, Android phone, or OS altogether.

"Where craplets are the non-removable bloatware apps that manufacturers and carriers put on Android devices."
I thought craplets were things like the 50k different fart apps in a mobile app store, or something like that.

I've been running Froyo since August when the I installed a custom rom for it. The developer community for Android isn't restricted to just apps. If you don't understand how to mod your phone you may only be smart enough to use one with only one button.
See @rob.

Amazon Cloud Drive is just a front end for Amazon S3. I've been using S3 for a long time. It's true that S3 doesn't understand folders, but it's easy to simulate them and preserve the organization of your data. I use s3sync to do it. No dealbreaker.