Google's Ingress augmented reality game may be making its way to the iPhone -- would you play? [Updated]

UPDATE: Looks like it's a third party port made by an enthusiast, at least according to the post Google+. So keep moving, nothing to see here. Although, the question remains, would you play Ingress if an official version does come to iOS?

Google’s popular Android game Ingress looks like it may be making its way to iOS at some point in the future. A Github repository has been found that contains resources for an iPhone version of the game, including links to gameplay videos.

Ingress is an augmented reality game in which a mysterious energy has been discovered by European scientists. This energy is said to influence the way we think, and it is important to gain control of the energy before it completely controls us. Using your phone, you find and exploit sources of the energy, while also searching for in-game objects to help you towards your objective and capturing territory for your faction. Players pick one of two sides, each with a different plan for the energy, and you work with players from your side towards your common goal.

The existence of an iPhone version of the game doesn't mean that it will be released for iPhone in any official capacity, but they are working on it at least. The game is a product of Google’s Niantec Labs, which also created the Android and iOS app Field Trip, which tries to find and point out interesting things near you. Below is the original video from the launch of Ingress.

In order to install the current version, you must either be a developer or your phone must be jailbroken. At least for now. If and when it does launch, would you be into playing Ingress on your iPhone?

Source: Github

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There are 14 comments. Add yours.

SockRolid says:

I might play it.
If there isn't too much adspam.
And if there isn't any creepy privacy invasion.

khelek says:

well, I know that there's no adspam and AFAIK no intention to have some. As for privacy concerns, you can see the list of permissions needed and what it means in the Play Store (

ledZERO says:

Yes that looks amazing, it would be so cool if it came to iphone, I really think it could catch on fast

NAMISH says:

not me... probably 'coz i'm sure it won't work proper in my location ;)

Xytal says:

If it was the official version? Definitely would give it a shot.

ShaunKL says:

Looks like a lot of fun.

broadwayblues says:

Ingress was a ton of fun to play, but like a lot of people, it got old very quickly. I loved playing with my son, we'd go out and hunt portals, but there's very few playing around me, and running around town looking down at your phone, attracts a lot of attention.
I'd play if there's a portal where I was going anyway, but I'm no longer going out of my way and spending gas money to play.

Lollikinz says:

My boyfriend plays Ingress on his android and him and I have a blast playing together! I would love to have Ingress on my iPhone!

Brittany Shearz says:

Yes!!!! I requested an invite already only to be disappointed and find out that iPhone is not yet compatible! Sad day!!!

MetalMilizia says:

i would play in a heartbeat. i just moved to iOS from Android and Ingress is the only reason i consider going back

BigDip says:

I agree. I like my iPhone but am considering droid just for Ingress...

BigDip says:


Lee Doyle says:


Billy Moffett says:

Add ingress to iphone i would play it all day long