GoPano micro, a 360 degree lens that creates panoramic videos on iPhone 4 [video]

US developer eyesee360 is working on a lens that will allow iPhone 4 users to create video in a panoramic 360 degree format. The lens is in a prototype stage at the moment but it has not stopped them releasing a video showing what this accessory is capable of; it is well worth watching.

The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 to make 360º panoramic videos! Just snap the lens to your iPhone 4 and press record to make cool interactive 360º videos. Use it to record all the action of your favorite sport, record your next meeting in 360º or just as a fun toy for the summer.

The lens uses similar technology to the company’s “go pano plus” panoramic optics for digital camera, which utilizes an equiangular mirror composed of aluminum substrate to capture a complete panoramic image. The lens enables the iPhone 4 to record all angles at the same time but more importantly, playback the video and pan to different angles whilst watching.

Eyesee360 are currently seeking support through Kickstarter to enable them to make this prototype into a mainstream product.

Take a look at the video after the break. Would you use an accessory like this? Let us know in the comments!


GoPano micro - A 360 lens for making panoramic video with the iPhone4 from EyeSee360 on Vimeo.


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There are 15 comments. Add yours.

arin.failing says:

cool idea... prolly gonna be expensive though

aundretastic says:

That app doesn't record video...
And for what it does do (take pictures), one must physically turn in a circle.

wcarlson40 says:

Looks cool, but hope it's not expensive either. Their 360 lens for digital cameras is like $700!

scientist88 says:

This will retail for $80 and will include the camera and case. However, you can "pre-order" it for $50 at their Kickstarter page.

Imperial Dungeon Master Jim says:

I think id rather just spin turn in a circle with it in my hand rather than pay 80 dollars. thanks, but no thanks.

Scroat says:

Lol. U dummy. U think the phone only recorded what was on screen don't u? Hahaha.

Crypton says:

If you would have checked the video, you would have seen, that the interesting part is, that you can 360 when you watch the recorded video!
Meaning: You record your video, and afterwards you can watch how the person behind you looked at you doing it!

Crypton says:

BTW: I already "preorded" one. :)

E.O. Ford says:

@ Imperial Dungeon Master Jim. Dude you're missing the point. The recorded video is in 360. Meaning at any point in playback you can see what is going on in any other direction. You never have to aim the thing. You can record all points in a room at the same time. Darn, for the first time I have iPhone envy.

Josh says:

I am seriously thinking about buying one of these when they come out

Damitol says:

I wonder how big the file for a one minute video would be. Awesome idea,and it looks like a lot of fun, but I hope their software includes a good compression algorithm built in as my phone is normally 80% full storage wise.

Crypton says:

Shouldn't be more than any normal video. The actual lense of the iPhone is still used.
The resolution is of course lower.

fresh1 says:

Sweet. Ordering mine now. Will do a review once I receive it. Looks pretty cool. We shall see..

Daniel Pinho says:

at 02:51... look at the guy's look... looks like he's picturing you naked