Tweetbot 3 Night Theme, text sizing, triple-taps, conversation view, and more questions answered

Paul Haddad and Mark Jardine - Tapbots - have posted a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page dedicated to Tweetbots 3, and more specifically, any common confusion or feature requests people might have. From Tapbots:

Why did you get rid of double/triple tap?

In order to detect a double/triple tap every tap on a Tweet adds a delay while the OS decides if you are doing a single or multiple tap. This lag really impacts the feel of the app in a subtle way. There’s some ways around this but it ends up causing other issues. We understand some of you really miss this feature and are discussing how to best handle it.

Lots of other good stuff there, including the Night Theme, additional swipe gestures, custom text size, new List behavior, and more. Check it out, and let me know if it answers your questions?

Source: Tapbots

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Aergad says:

Great of the few I don't mind paying for again when there is a major upgrade.

justinkoehn says:

After using this new version for the last couple hours, i am blown away at how incredible it is. Light years ahead of the previous versions. Also as far as this night theme is concerned, where do i find that option, or is it coming later on? Seems from the FAQ it was going to be added later.

BooBeeNYC says:

Night theme is in the works.

Anyone know how to jump to "top" when viewing a list? Previously I'd just double tab the bottom tab but since lists are part of a tab that doesn't work anymore.

stan1028 says:

Definitely in need of a night or a darker theme. It just too 'white' too differentiate between the menu or navigation bars from the tweets, like the previous Tweetbot.

GeniusUnleashed says:

I'm so disheartened by the new sounds. The sent and retweet sound is like nails on a chalk board. I really wish they'd change it or go back to the old apps sounds. As for now, all sounds are now turned off :(

justinkoehn says:

Oddly enough i actually like the new sounds better.

GeniusUnleashed says:

Sacrilege!!! haha. It's just the tone of it for some reason for me. The older was a lower tone, this one is too high for me. Maybe I'm just too sensitive.

justinkoehn says:

haha! It was definitely a little shock when i first heard them, but i like it better now for sure. Also, love your username :-)

GeniusUnleashed says:

thanks! It still makes me chuckle.

CrzyP says:

I think the new sounds are cool, but way too loud. I think they should make them a little more quiet.

TheRealJTRay says:

Classic sounds will be an in app purchase at later date. *Note I have nothing to back that up with.

GeniusUnleashed says:

I could see this and I'd pay through the nose, I'm such a loser.

man1c says:

Used to use TB but switched to Twitterific.. much preferred this. Is TB3 that much better than original, some posts say hardly any different, some say vastly better??


cgs101 says:

It now looks like any other Twitter client who has been "designed for ios7".

Sent from the iMore App

jamesedward318 says:

So do I have to purchase the new app? Why didn't they just update the current app? Kind of miffed about this if I have to pay again. Looks good but I am skeptical about coming up off of three more dollars.

alshraify says:

I guess it's time to upgrade! before reading the FAQ, i wasn't sure about purchasing Tweetbot 3, now i am!

hacker125 says:

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