Grab Carmageddon for iOS for free before it's gone!

Grab Carmageddon for iOS for free before it's gone!

Stainless Games's carnage-soaked racing game Carmageddon is free as the App of the Day app. You can grab it now but get it before it's gone, because it's only free for a day.

Carmageddon is a mobile version of a game from the late 90's that originally appeared for the Mac and Windows PCs. You drive a heavily armored race car like a maniac — there are a few ways to win, like coming in first, destroying all your opponents or nailing all the pedestrians.

It's fun, albeit bloodthirsty. You can collect powerups, but avoid the cops that show up in even more heavily armored vehicles than you! Carmageddon features 28 opponents, 11 environments, a Career Mode featuring 36 levels, 30 unlockable cars, iCloud support and dozens of achievements and more.

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Reader comments

Grab Carmageddon for iOS for free before it's gone!


Classic game. Thanks for the heads up!
And on another note, Where's My Mickey? & Where's My Mickey? XL have also both gone free. Not sure 'til how long it will stay that way.

Where's My Mickey? is free until next week. So those who want Where's My Mickey? and Where's My Mickey? XL, have until next week before Apple chooses something else.