Griffin announces the Twenty audio amplifier for Airport Express

Griffin has announced a new AirPlay enabled audio amplifier that uses Airport Express technology. The new accessory which is called “Twenty” captures any AirPlay stream, decodes it then sends out an amplified stream to your speakers.

The Griffin Twenty is the easiest, best-sounding solution for consumers who have speakers that are not AirPlay-enabled but still want to stream high-fidelity audio wirelessly,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “Not only can users stream from their iTunes library, they can easily connect with any AirPlay-enabled iOS device.”

The Twenty can stream Apple’s lossless sound from any AirPlay enabled app on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as well as PC’s and Macs running iTunes. The Twenty has an inbuilt power supply and mount for Airport Express and features a 2.1 channel sound system with 20 watts power output per channel. No information on when this one will be available to buy but we will let you know when we hear anymore.

Source: Griffin

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Griffin announces the Twenty audio amplifier for Airport Express


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The fact that it's limited to use >only< with an Apple AirPort Express very much limits the audience for this wonder-gizmo. With luck, future models (or a firmware update to this one) will allow use on a WiFi network regardless of base station. As I use a router plugged into a DSL internet service, I'm out of luck.
Otherwise, this definitely falls into the "exactly what I've been looking for that doesn't exist yet" category ;-)

Lucky for me, I am part of that limited audience. This is a perfect way to re-purpose old speakers. I have an old boom-box with decent sound, that I use an AirPort Express and a tape adapter with - I'd love to put away the main unit and just use this amp directly with the speakers. Hopefully it's priced keeping in mind that speakers and an AirPort Express need to be added to it - say in the neighborhood of $50.
And don't hold your breath on a firmware upgrade, you can't add wifi radios in firmware - that's what the AirPort Express is for

Or buy a used AV receiver from Kijiji for $100 and have 5 times the power and X times the sound.

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