Griffin Elan Passport case for iPhone 4 - accessory review

Griffin Elan Passport case for iPhone 4 is beautifully crafted wallet-style case that protects your phone while providing convenient storage for cash and credit cards. It comes in two color designs, platinum and black, but for men considering using it as a... European carrier, be warned that lilac accents and paisley inner lining means only the most confident need apply.

Interested to see if the function lives up to the form? Stay with us after the break!

The Griffin Elan Passport stays securely closed with a snap, but flips open easily to give you access to your iPhone 4, your favourite credit cards and some cash (and maybe even a Pogo stylus!). The inner lining will protect your iPhone 4 from scratches caused by almost anything that your might carry in your purse or briefcase. I really liked the feel of this case and the meticulous design. It even has a chrome accent on the front of the case which was a nice finishing touch.

Your dock port stays accessible and should fit most cables. There's also a camera cut out that allows you to take pictures with your iPhone 4 still inside the Passport case, something many wallet-style cases forget.

The only thing that I felt could have been better executed was the manner in which the home button works. The case has the home button covered instead of being cut out. They added a small metal piece to the fabric to help depression but I did find it takes a bit more effort to turn on your phone.

Overall, the Griffin Elan Passport for iPhone 4 is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of a wallet and case in one, with easy, elegant access to phone and funds alike. Pick one up today from the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store for the man or woman you love!


  • Stylish
  • Able to take pictures in case
  • Good protection for iPhone4


  • Only holds about 4 cards
  • Need to press hard for home button
  • Sorry boys, the lanyard only comes with the platinum case


TiPb iPhone 4.5-star rated

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Reader comments

Griffin Elan Passport case for iPhone 4 - accessory review


"For the Man or Woman you love?" I don't think too many guys would be caught dead carrying their iPhone 4 in this case. The only time I see a guy carrying a flip type case like this is if it is holding an old Palm PDA. Just sayin'. ;)

I'm looking for a case like this but not quite as ugly. There has to be a better way to create a case like this with a lanyard without it being so unattractive.
There should be more attractive cases out there or attractive ways to attach a lanyard to an iPhone 4. The thing is made of glass, I thought the case makers would have seen that there was a large target customer audience for this type of thing.

Metallic gray is perfect for Seven of Nine. Somebody call Jeri Ryan immediately!
Seriously, though, good review. It's always better to be able to see a product in actual use than to look at static press photos. And it's always great to see Georgia doing the demo.

Lol. Here we go again! I would hesitate to carry all my worldly goods (joke) in one case, but it is very attractive. Love your comment about only a very confident man would use this case, Georgia! :-)

Well, I had a black one. It doesnt have all that fancy lining or the lanyard. It was nice to have but the only reasons I stopped using it was... The home button was constantly activating the Voice Control and as the case got older, the more my phone wanted to slip out of the case. It was nice to have my license and credit card right there. It held me over til I could finally get my otterbox for the iPhone 4. Needless to say, with some improvements Id probably consider going back to that design. Was also interested in Case-Mate's case. Oh well, I'll take protection almost any day over convenience.

CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!! I bought the black Elan Passport Wallet for my brand-new iPhone 4 received as a Christmas gift. I put the phone inside and it was wonderful. Until I answered a call. I unsnapped the case and opened it and the phone slid right out and onto the concrete shattering the glass. BRAND NEW iPhone 4. AT&T sold me the case, and the folks at 2 of their stores here in Washington were appalled and said it was a design flaw. The were certain that AT&T would replace my phone until I spoke with the manager. Manager said it's out of their hands -- that Apple prevents them from replacing ANY iPhone for ANY reason. So I"m sitting at the Apple store waiting for my Genius appointment. AT&T suggested I go to Griffin to get the phone replaced. I've contacted them, but to be fair, it was only 20 minutes ago....

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