Griffin Slap for iPod nano -- accessory review

The Griffin Slap for iPod nano is a fun, colorful watch adapter that children of the 80s will no doubt appreciate. It gets its name from how you use it -- just grab it by the strap and slap it onto your wrist. It wraps around and voila -- iPod nano watch!

But how does it hold up in use? Read on for the review!

To put your iPod nano into or take it out of the Giffin Slap you just pop it in and pop it out. Seriously. It's that simple. It also wears really well and you don't have to worry about it falling off.

It has cutouts for all the usual buttons like power and volume and a cutout for the 3.5mm headphone jack. Yes, I did wear it around with my earphones trailing from my wrist to my head and yes, I did get some stares. It's not ideal but until Apple adds Bluetooth to the iPod nano its the only option for those who actually want to use it as an iPod music player.

Which brings me to my last point -- this really is an iPod and not a watch. That's too bad because it shows Apple could make a super sweet watch. The iPod nano in the Griffin Slap is really cool but a bit of a novelty. It's not that quick to check the time, the UI remains a bit of a challenge to use and there are basically a lot of functionality gaps that still need to be overcome.

Still if you have an iPod nano the Griffin Slap is a lot of fun and definitely something to add to your case collection.

The Griffin Slap for iPod nano comes in black, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink and is available from the TiPb iPod nano accessory store!


  • Lets you wear your iPod nano as a watch
  • Comes in a lot of colors
  • Easy to put in and take out
  • Slap on!


  • A little big for people with small wrists, especially women or children
  • iPod nano wasn't really designed to be a watch (fix that, Apple).

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Griffin Slap for iPod nano -- accessory review


I'm hoping that Apple will update the iPod's OS to where we can choose a analog clock or Digital clock. Also why did Apple took away the built in speaker?

wish you showed us how it looks with the earphones plugged in... even other types of earphones as well. Like a dre beats headphone set.

It would seem that a simple velcro or plastic band would be easier to use. Then again, I don't own a nano nor plan to purchase one.

A bit off topic and probably silly of me to notice, but it looks like Georgia is sporting a Wonder Woman bracelet that matches her Wonder Woman T-Shirt. Pretty cool! It's awesome how down to earth the editors at TiPb are in their pics and vids.

You are very perceptive and yes it is a Wonder Woman bracelet which matches my T.
Thanks for coming to

I bought one of these and liked it until I discovered that my Nano would fall out of it if I didn't pay constant attention to it. I stopped using it because I didn't want to lose my iPod.

THAT is a cool watch kit! I am so tempted to get a nano JUST to make it a watch, BUT then I read it doesn't do bluetooth. :( MAJOR FAIL!!!!!!! Perhaps nano touch 2g?????

i'll wait till apple produce ipod nano that can be used as phone with bluetooth tech.
it'll be a blazt...