Griffin Technology launches Merchant Case, PowerMate, and more at #CESlive

Griffin Technology has a few new products to show off at CES 2014 including the Merchant Case, PowerMate, and Guitar Sidekick. Each product hits a different area of tech but all three make our digitally connected lives a lot easier to manage.

The Merchant Case by Griffin Technology is actually partnership with the popular payment processing service Square. The Merchant Case has a dedicated space in the back to store your Square reader as well as a cutout on the bottom where it plugs in easy, also providing more stability when swiping cards.

The Guitar Sidekick consists of a clamp that attaches to the neck of the guitar so you can view the screen of your iPhone as you play. That means you can load up tabs, musical apps, or any other musical app and have full access to it right from your guitar.

Lastly, the PowerMate is a programmable controller that works with your Mac via Bluetooth. You can assign shortcuts to the PowerMate such as scrolling through and selecting songs in your iTunes library.

The Merchant Case with Square Reader for Griffin can be purchased now for $19.99 and ships in 1-2 weeks. The PowerMate and GuitarSidekick are coming soon and will be priced at $59 and $19.99 respectively.

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Griffin Technology launches Merchant Case, PowerMate, and more at #CESlive


Really nice more and more new products coming out that caters for specific purposes. The Guitar Sidekick seems really handy for musicians or those learning to play a guitar.