Griffin TuneJuice 2 Back-up Battery for iPhone - accessory review

The Griffin TuneJuice 2 Back-up Battery for iPhone is a battery charger for iPhone or iPad touch (or traditional iPds) that, instead of being rechargeable, uses AAA batteries. That means to use of the TuneJuice you do not have to constantly find an outlet and make sure you recharge it before your iPhone. You can just throw in fresh batteries and get going. So if you are traveling for a long period of time and worry that you may need to keep a few items charged then this is the charger for you.

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Griffin TuneJuice 2  Back-up Battery for iPhone - accessory review

The Griffin TuneJuice 2 is made to give you power when you will be without an outlet for a extended period of time. If you are planning a camping trip but still want to have your iPhone working throughout, and don't mind packing a bunch of AAA batteries, this is perfect.

The main unit slides open to allow you to insert the batteries then you just plug the 30 pin connector to your iPhone or iPod. I do find the 30 pin connector a bit odd. It's long enough to be in the way but not long enough to be able to keep the TuneJuice in your pocket or purse and use your iPhone while charging. If anyone knows how this short cord is helpful let me know in the comments!

In terms of power the Griffin TuneJuice for your iPhone will give you up to 14 additional hours of audio and up to 2 hours of additional video play. I was hoping that it would give me more power but to get that you need to carry extra batteries with you.

The Griffin TuneJuice 2 Back-up Battery for iPhone is available from the TiPb iPhone accessory store.


  • Use of batteries eliminates the need to charge charger
  • Can recharge phone multiple times by adding fresh batteries
  • First set of batteries included
  • Very inexpensive


  • cumbersome
  • 30 pin dock cord of unusual length
  • Needs batteries
  • Not iPhone 3G compatible

TiPb Rating

TiPb iPhone 3-star rated

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Griffin TuneJuice 2 Back-up Battery for iPhone - accessory review


Na na na na na.. BAT GIRL!
So, I'd totally be all about this fancy little charge thing.. if you could re-charge the batteries. Design fail.

Ummm... when I go to the store, it says my "currently selected phone" (iPhone 4) isn't compatible. So then I tried a 3GS for the hell of it. No dice. 3G certainly didn't work. But when I picked the ORIGINAL iPhone as my device, it said it was compatible.
Is this really true, that this is meant for that relic only?

This is the dumbest thing i ever saw. Ur gonna pay out the tush for batteries. Just get a rechargable batt. This thing is garbage

i agree. the one good point made in the article is the camping trip, as long as your hiking miles into nowhere....other than that, car charger..cheaper. better

Totally agree with that point...last april my wife and I took a bus trip from Chicago to Louisiana (18 hours each way), no access to a car charger, this would have come in handy as we both had to charge up our 3gs' at each rest stop.

Obviously we are deleting comments that point out a money saving alternatives to the tipb store. Shame.

Hold it...there's actual editing going on on this site?? Now if we could only get articles proofread and edited before they are posted for things like spelling, incorrect grammatical usage, things that aren't researched throughly....little things like that!

I plan on getting one for the following reasons:
1: It's cheaper than alternatives.
2: It's out of the way when playing games that require landscape mode.
3: I can find batteries anywhere.
4: If on a call, just hold both the Phone and the pack in one hand.
Maybe that's just me.