Halloween App Store sale!

Folks, we've been flooded with Halloween App Store sales announcements. So many, there's not even any way to fit them all into a blog post. Suffice it to say, if there's a popular app you've been waiting to pull the trigger on, now's the time to head on over to the App Store and see if it's on sale.

Any of your favorites on sale? Any great deals you've come across? Let us know in comments!

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Reader comments

Halloween App Store sale!


I just bought Plants vs Zmobies, Early Edition and Mirror's Edge for the iPad. All overdue purchases and couldn't resist the 50-80% discount. :)

When was mires edge ipad on sale? It's been $10 for a couple months now and I haven't seen a change...

plants vs. zombies is a must have right now for the price! $.99 iphone $4.99 ipad...and if your on a mac or pc its only $4.99 today too.

@iosinx Loaded your site but just seems like you're trying to get hits. Doesn't seem related to this story at all.

Ghoullery is free for the entire weekend (normally $0.99). Make your own monsters, then take screenshots of them to send to your friends or use as your device background.