Halo: Spartan Assault is worthy of envy, will we ever see it on iOS?

It isn't every day that something on Windows Phone has us green with envy, but since its big unveil, Halo: Spartan Assault has given us a case of the green-eyed monster. However, since taking possession of a Nokia Lumia 925 – more on that soon – and a copy of the game, one thing is clear; I really hope Microsoft gets this out on other platforms for everyone to play.

Spartan Assault takes place some time between Halo 3 and Halo 4, and moves away from the first-person shooter style of the Xbox titles and into a top-down format. I'm not going to run down the whole game, because our friends over at Windows Phone Central have already given it a full and proper review. But it's good. Really good. The controls are perfect for a mobile game, designed with purpose for use with a touchscreen.

We've speculated in the past as to whether or not we think we'll ever see this title released on iOS. Microsoft isn't averse to sending things our way at least with a couple of games having made the jump before, and even Office – of sorts – is now available to iOS users. It's perfectly understandable that they'd want to use it as a tool to try and attract people to Windows Phone, but we have to hope it's in their roadmap somewhere to widen its availability. It's not without fault, but this is a game you'll want to play.

Of course, if you're using a Windows machine, you could already be playing it. But, it would be awesome on the iPad. Really awesome. What do you guys think; would you be excited to see Halo on iOS? Perhaps you've played it already? Shout out in the comments!

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Halo: Spartan Assault is worthy of envy, will we ever see it on iOS?


"It isn't every day that something on Windows Phone has us green with envy"

I am envy of the Nokia location services. Imagine maps that are accurate and just work when navigating or finding a route -- even inside a mall. If only iPhone had something like that! But Apple thinks of pixels and grams. I guess they are more important than location, especially when one does not spend on r&d. Oh well.

Spartan Assault? Meh. Let's get the basics right first.

Well no, Ingress is an Android game. an exclusive if you will. HALO spartan assault is a WP exclusive and infinity blade 2 is our exclusive game. So no I hope we don't see it. we need excessive games.

First of all I think it would be great to have a unified app system across all operating systems so you can experience all apps no matter what device or OS you use. Realistically however that of course won't happen, and each company has their respective exclusives. This is clearly a Microsoft based exclusive, sure it looks nice but I don't expect them to release it to iOS or Android.

I have Halo SA on my Surface RT, and it's honestly the best mobile game I have (including games like XCom, Dues Ex, Limbo etc on my IP5 and Ipad 3). The controls are perfect, the graphics are excellent and it really plays like a true Halo game. Its practically a system seller. I really hope they bring it to iOS.

I find it nice of iMore to throw a bone at WP8, but in all honesty, I own H:SA on my 920 and it ain't such a hot game really, way too expensive and way, way too much IAP.

It is a really high quality game I have been playing it lately on my surface RT. I doubt it is as enjoyable on a phone since a lot of the time you are shooting enemies across the whole screen of the tablet.

I use to like the halo series but halo reach and halo 4 should and will never be classified as TRUE halo games to many fans heck all 4000 of my friends who i use to play halo 3 with quit once reach came out cause the controls and game play felt wrong and to fast paced and my current device is an iPhone 4 so yeah please bring a halo game to it .