Hands on with FavorIt for iPhone

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FavorIt is the place where favorite friends and favorite apps meet. This new twist to app discovery lets you share your five favorite apps with your Facebook friends and view theirs. You can also see which apps are popular among all your friends.

This is one of those types of apps that need participations from your friends in order to be useful, but the good news is that it only takes a few moments to login and do your part, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get your friends on board!

We took a closer look while at Macworld 2012.

When you know the apps that your friends call their FavorIts, the possibilities are endless!

Rediscover those awesome iPhone classics or join in the latest App Store craze. Find out who’s also addicted to that zombie-words-tower game, or learn about the latest time-saving productivity tool. Has the latest bird-themed release kept you up until 2am? Don’t just love it, FavorIt!

FavorIt - Where Favorite Friends and Favorite Apps Meet is available on the iPhone for free.

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Hands on with FavorIt for iPhone


If you are the first of your friends to download it then you will need to share FavorIt via the Facebook, Twitter or email button on the bottom right of the app. Once your Facebook friends download FavorIt they will automatically pop up on your friends page. Let us know how it works for you once your friends have downloaded it. If you have issues please drop us a line at support@twobysixapps.com

interesting app. but i wonder how useful it will really be. with so many facebook friends, their thoughts and opinions now seem somewhat useless. to me, facebook has somewhat killed the idea of word of mouth. i don't really know who to trust anymore because of some of the ridiculous things they say or share opinions about... so i don't know that i'd go to my facebook friends to find apps.
there has to be a more intuitive way.
i will try it out though.

You have a valid point. My take is that FavorIt is one solution for filtering down apps to ones that are more likely to be relevant to each user, which when you think about it is a daunting task. I don't know that there is one perfect way to find apps, but this gives you some direction. We will look into leveraging other social networks down the road if it is feasible. In the meantime, even if you wouldn't go out of your way to use your Facebook friends to find apps, FavorIt still has value in that it provides a social aspect to app discovery. If you have questions about (or interest in) an app that your friend has listed, you can participate in a discussion with him/her since you probably know that person well enough to do that. Also, if you have apps you are particularly fond of, then this is a way for you to do the recommending - even if someone is checking out your list for mere curiosity, he/she may find a hidden gem that they wouldn't have known about before. Then you become the hero!