Hands on with the LaCie Sphere at #CESlive

Rene and Georgia literally get their hands on LaCie's new Sphère, a 1 terabyte USB 3.0 hard drive that is hand-clad in silver by famed French flatware maker Christofle. And Rene can't resist getting a dig in because he knows I think this thing is silly.

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Peter Cohen

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Hands on with the LaCie Sphere at #CESlive


"I think this is Peter Cohen's new go to hard drive", said Rene.
- Haha, funny. But I'm with you on this one, Peter.

1 TB. USB 3. A spherical orb that you could potentially mount on a wall or ceiling to see around corners?!
(Rene wouldn't dare poke fun at your hair style Peter? Would he?)
(I wonder if you could get one of these in... Gold?!)

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That is awesome. Great design and it has something that I can use it for. I really like the Lacie external hard drives. They make great products. I wonder is it flat in the bottom to prevent from rolling or is there a small stand? Nice device!

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