Hands-on with Modern Combat 5 - gritty and pretty

As it turns out, Gameloft's Modern Combat 5 is just as gorgeous as its teaser trailer last week would have us believe. We got our thumbs on an early build at E3, and though the action is very reminiscent of the previous modern military shooter games in the franchise, the graphics are above and beyond.

Information on features was very limited, since Modern Combat 5 isn't due out until the fourth quarter, but we did get to check out mid-mission attachment swapping and an awesome little drone that can paint targets that are hiding behind cover, making it easier to shoot them through thin walls. You'll also notice the radar screen has been revamped. The main thing here is that this is one pretty, pretty game. The water physics, light, and dust effects are all setting a high bar for anyone else that wants to pump out console-quality graphics on iOS.

Hit up Gameloft for more info on Modern Combat 5 as it inches closer to launch.

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Hands-on with Modern Combat 5 - gritty and pretty