Hands On with the Macally FlexTune - Macworld 2008

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Macally just announced the FlexTune, which is one of the very few iPod docks available right now that is also fully compatible with the iPhone. That's to say, it doesn't suggest you go into Flight Mode to protect the speakers from GSM interference. Otherwise it's a fairly standard set of iPod speakers - charges and is compatible with all iPods, medium-to-medium-low quality sound and volume, has a line-in on the back.

The FlexTune's trick is that its speakers slide out - meaning you can mount the iPhone vertically or horizontally. It's a little wonky to slide the speakers out and insert the iPhone, but not too bad. That wonkiness might be that Macally had a pre-production unit on the show floor -- the real deal will be available in February for the fairly low price of $59.99

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Hands On with the Macally FlexTune - Macworld 2008