Hands On with the MacBook Air

We grabbed a quick look at the ultrathin MacBook Air, just released during Steve Jobs' 2008 Macworld Keynote. The MacBook Air is a pretty sweet little guy - it's ridiculously thin yet full-powered. Our only regret is that it has only 1(!) USB port. Oh, and the little fact that you can't replace the battery. Isn't that kind of a must for a laptop? We smell an accessory opportunity.

Otherwise - the hotness, even at $1799. A quick video of the gigantic crowd fondling the device above.

But you'll also want to check out our full (as in REALLY big!) high-res gallery of the MacBook Air. Go Go!

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Dieter Bohn

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Hands On with the MacBook Air

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Actually, more recent blog postings suggest that a replacement battery will cost the same as the MBP battery and have free installation at an Apple store -- or will it need to go away for a bit like iPhones? But this of course means that there's no chance of a spare battery to get you through those rough times when a charger or an outlet aren't readily available.