Hands on with Speck's latest iOS device cases at #CESlive

Speck's got new cases for iPad and iPhone, and we're taking a look at them at CES. Whether you like folio-style cases or clip-on cases, there's a little something for everyone in Speck's catalog.

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Hands on with Speck's latest iOS device cases at #CESlive


Speck always has such a broad variety of cases and the case that caught my eye was the iPad mini case w/ the hook - until she tried hanging it from her belt. Then I felt like, my driver's license is not only good for automobile operation and purchasing controlled substances but it's also dandy at picking door locks.
I did really like the idea of a case w/a loop to put your thumb through, though.

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It was lol cute and funny watching them try to get that new folio case to stay in one of those 'adjustable' positions, and then they abruptly cut away to other cases -- she couldn't seem to get it to close either. Very cute. Definitely would want to see what some reviewers have to say about that one before purchasing, as it looks like it really only 'stays' in the deeper groove ;-)

I have the Style Folio for both my iPad Air and my daughters iPad mini. The multiple viewing angles works fairly well with the Air but isn't as stable on the mini. I like the latch, but it can be a little hard to clasp until it's broken in. It's much easier to clasp if you start from one side instead of trying to push from the middle.

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I REALLY hope they bring more variety of not ugly color combos back to the Candyshell, more non-holiday prints, or even a "custom" configure option so you can pick your inner and outer colors.