TiPb Apps 6.3: AllSport for iPhone (CTIA 2010)

AllSport at CTIA 2010

Some of us recently realized there's a whole world out there, and perhaps it'd be a good idea to visit it once in a while, and an even better idea to (gulp) exercise in it.

And so, we hug out for a few minutes at CTIA 2010 with the folks from Trimble Outdoors and their AllSport GPS app, which comes in a free, ad-supported version [iTunes Store link] and a full, $4.99 version that adds a few additional features [App Store link]. It's kind of your standard GPS trip app, but it's for athletes and out-of-shape bloggers of any age. Pick your activity, hit the start button, and it tracks your route, time -- hell, altitude, if you're flying -- and logs it all online for posterity and/or sharing on Facebook and the like.

Check out video of it in action after the break.

YouTube link

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TiPb Apps 6.3: AllSport for iPhone (CTIA 2010)


This app looks awesome. I tried looking for the free version to DL however and could not find it. I know there's other apps that track running, but this thing tracks way more. Is the free version not up yet?