Hands-on with the Zagg SparqCase for the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S

Zagg SparqCase may just be the dream accessory for everyone complaining about their iPhone battery life since their upgrade to iOS5 or the iPhone 4S. Understanding that people like additional power while on the go Zagg has created the SparqCase, a battery case for the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S that stands out from the rest for one major reason -- it has a removable battery.

Sure, that may not seem all that important, it is already supposed to be an extra battery, who cares if it can be removed, right? Wrong. What if you are going out on a camping trip for a week and won't have power, or you want to take better advantage of that tethering plan you have without the battery dying so quickly? With the Zagg SparqCase they were able to not only allow for a removable 1700mAh battery to fit in the case, but they also kept the size of the case rather small. The case is not nearly as thick as some of the others, and the ability to purchase an extra 1700mAh battery to keep with you on the go is something that will appeal to many users.

We got a chance to go hands-on with the Zagg SparqCase here at CES 2012, but unfortunately we will have to wait a few months for it to hit the store shelves.

Hands-on with the Zagg SparqCase for the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S

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Reader comments

Hands-on with the Zagg SparqCase for the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S


I agree. Would have been nice to pop an iPhone in the case. The edges of the case look like cheap plastic. Not a fan of the kind of case that requires a thin top bezel. The thin piece is much more prone to breaking, rendering the expensive 'charging' part useless. This may have been a pre-production mockup, so the actual product could be finished better.

They should hold hands with Otterbox and co-op a burly case WITH a battery, Otterbox is bulky as it is so I imagine they could engineer a removable battery pretty easily.

Hmmm ... I'll buy this if they will release it with the battery popping out from the back instead of my iPhone. Then It will be more convenient for replacing the battery.