Hang out with Mike and Sulley at Monsters University, on early release in the UK iTunes Store now!

UK Disney fans can't buy Monsters University on DVD or Blu Ray until November 11, but iTunes has it available to purchase now as part of its early release program. For £13.99 for the HD version and £9.99 for SD, the prequel to the original Monsters Inc. can be yours ahead of a rental release on November 11.

Monsters University takes us to the time before the goings on in Monsters Inc. when Mike and Sulley were college guys with eyes on one thing; the Scare Program. As you can imagine, all kinds of shenanigans ensue, and the pair find themselves teamed up in the Scare Games. If you enjoyed the original, Monsters University is a must see.

Grab it from the iTunes Store at the link below. Let me know what you think, whether it's your first or your fiftieth time watching!

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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