Whatever happened to iPhone 5?

Whatever happened to iPhone 5?

9to5Mac posted some thoughts on what they think happened with the more ambitious iPhone 5 update that some were expecting to be announced at Apple's Lets Talk iPhone event earlier this month.

The iPhone 4S as you see it was originally planned to be released at WWDC with iOS 5, like every iPhone before it [...] But something happened around February of this year that threw everything off. Apple was still integrating the Siri team and code into iOS and it was going much slower than planned. At the same time, Apple’s iPhone 5 (teardrop) plans were moving along on or ahead of schedule and the first prototypes were testing well. With mid-October being the earliest possible date of a Siri-fied iOS being ready – with “Apple-levels” of polish –Apple had to look at its options.

This could explain the iPhone 5 case leak-a-palooza) we saw just before the iPhone 4S announcement.

TiPb's own sources are split on this, with some saying Apple had planned iPhone 5 as the new iPhone, and iPhone 4S as souped up iPhone 4 for the mid-range market. Others insist iPhone 4S was the plan all along, and no redesign was ever in the cards for this year (or at least, wasn't considered for long).

9to5Mac's sources expect the redesigned iPhone to be announced in summer of 2012. TiPb's still hearing fall 2012, but this far out Apple can and will keep plans as flexible as possible.

Hit the link below for a full breakdown.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Whatever happened to iPhone 5?


I'm betting the next one comes out this summer (2012). In the meantime, I don't need the 4(B)S. My 4 is perfectly fine until the redesign comes out - hopefully with LTE.

Apple kept the same design for 3 generations with the iPhone 3 (3, 3G, 3Gs). Why would the abandon an obviously popular iPhone 4 design so early? (4, 4S, ???) It's only logical that there won't be an iPhone 5 next time around either, but an iPhone 4G taking advantage of LTE for the May 2012 release and you will see the iPhone 5 in May of 2013.
As for what happened to the iPhone 5? Well it only existed in the dreams of the tech writers.

What was the iPhone 3? If you mean the first generation iPhone, that had a different physical design with an aluminum back and plastic buttons rather than metal on the four models that succeeded it. They have not used the same form factor for three straight years to date.

I did mistype. It went: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, and there was significant changes between iPhone and iPhone 3G, but minimal design changes between the 3G and 3Gs.

In regards to your first line , Not true. The 3G and 3GS were different , look it up ;)
However I agree with you that there wont be an iPhone 5 next time. It will be iPhone 6 or iPhone 4G .

I agree with you that it may be called the iPhone 6 because more than likely iOS 6 will come out with it. Will they really want the iPhone 5 with iOS 6?

Also, don't forget about the A6 chip that may be placed in the new upcoming iPhone. I believe Apple will want everything to match up.

This whole thing doesn't seem that complicated to me. I would guess that the iPhone 5 in development is being designed around an lte antenna, which apple isn't ready to get into yet. The only reason people are so disappointed is because of the wait untill October, which was clearly to sell as many Verizon iPhone 4's as possible. I mean, If you made the best selling cellphone, would you rush to replace it?

"Whatever happened to iPhone 5?" It was never there in the first place. TIPB and the rest of the tech blogosphere went hog wild for any rumor of an iPhone 5. As bad as Apple has been about hiding their next design, do you really think your contacts would actually be able to get their hands on one. Really?!?
Why not just admit you were all wrong, settle back into your chairs and wait like everyone else for the next phone.

I love how Tipb posted a "I'm tired" article only to kick the fires once again for the very thing they were "tired" about.

It sounds like they originally planned to have iPhone 5 for later than this and 4S for this past spring, but because iOS 5 wasn't going to be ready for the summer and iPhone 5 was coming along faster than expected they thought they could get both out at the same time in October. Then it turned out they couldn't get iPhone 5 out for October after all and had to fall back on te 4S, which they could have had out in June if they hadn't decided to wait for the 5. That's how I'm reading this, anyway.


You know what happened? The media got their hopes up, started reporting all this cool shit that Apple was supposed to be working on, and they couldn't live up to the hype that surrounded it, therefor it seems disappointing when in fact the real problem is the media set unrealistic goals and then berated Apple for now fulfilling their every want and desire.
It's ridiculous.
you know, I didn't get a Pumpkin scone for breakfast today and TIPB told me THEY had one, so it's YOUR fault that I couldn't get the breakfast I expected to get based on your breakfast.
See how fucking stupid that is?

It might have been mentioned already, but here's my theory...
I believe that the iPhone 4S is nothing more than a way to real-world field test some of the new hardware. The A5 had overheating problems so they didn't want to throw that in the 5 just yet. New antenna, camera, siri and louder speaker are also things that they just didnt want to throw in a new phone this time. That also could be the reason why it still had 512 mem. The specs could still get bumped up between now and when they want to release the 5 but I really believe the 4S is just a test phone. Sales have proven that people do actually want better specs from iPhone, EVEN if it looks the same! I also believe that this is why T-Mo didnt get an iPhone this time. They will still get a 5 I hope!

it is dissappointing that even in the 5th generation iPhone it is impossible to attach files in reply to incoming messages - verdict useless for business, applies to iPad too.
That's why sticking to BlackBerry though I hate BES and BIS things.
Only hope iPhone 5 with iOS 5.5 will have this basic function. I am just wondering, it seems like nobody except me needs this function :))))

Don't hold your breath for attaching files to an e-mail. It's due to a fundamental design philosophy of Apple's that the file system should be hidden from the user. I think this philosophy is ridiculous for any customer that wants to do anything useful but it's quite elegant otherwise. Hopefully, with the advances in cloud storage/computing, you will be able to link people to the right files through e-mail (which will be even better than attaching the actual file).

Useless is a strong verdict. From e.g. Pages, you can email a document as pages, word or pdf file and you can share images from anywhere. With dropbox you can set up specific folders for a project and mail the link. I think this allows a considered sharing and I for one am plenty tired of mindless sharing of attachments to all and sundry.

Pages and other apps allow attaching only one file per message ...and I am not talking about sending files from the apps ...my point is to reply to a message from email app with different attachments. As for dropbox links...it's a very good solution but the problem is either people are too dumb to reply to me "you forgot to attach the report" or the server that filters messages with links to the Junk folder :)

Good analysis of design Aenean. Tech bloggers have no conception of reality. They just gobble up and regurgitate and have no idea about engineering and design. I guess if they did though, they would be working for a tech company ;)

Oh come off it, it's not exactly a secret that the iphone 5 or probably by the time of launch it will be the iphone 6 and will launch between May and July 2012 and probably at the same time as an iPad 3. I think August 2012, first week.
Heck, lets start using the randomly correct rumor sites or should we say the regularly wrong rumor sites or let's just do what they do and make it up as we go along.
Let's remember that it will have NFC ability, LTE and will definitely come in black and white with an aluminum back.
The screen size will remain at its' current size though they will be including a magnifying glass that clips on for the whiners that demand a larger screen to give them the impression of more screen real estate.
The home button will of course be incorporated in the glass of the screen removing one more physical button.
Oh and battery like will be improved by about 150%.
And I would trust my personal rumors above just as much as the rumors from all these different sites.
Can't we have a break from rumors, a bit like a break from the god awful black background would be nice as well.

It doesn't have to be new, it's the wet dreams of these bloggers that want this that or the other thing and they spread a rumor. Then there is all the disappoint from the people that hang on these rumors when the phone that is launched is not up to the high expectations of the rumors regardless of the fact that the phone happens to be a great phone in its' own right.

Why is it stupid, it is a perfectly good analogy and it works, people hang on these rumors instead of being happy with what is produced.
I certainly didn't sit having wet dreams all night hoping that the iPhone 4s was going to launch with LTE, in fact it was blatantly obvious that it wouldn't just from what Verizon had implied when they 'sided' with Samsung. But wait they didn't side, it was a business decision.
As for the rest of it, Apple told everyone exactly how many phones devices they were launching in their symbols used for the launch at "let's talk iphone". Each emblem showed the location, date and time and the phone emblem had a single 1, it didn't show 2 or 3 it showed ONE.
Yet these twonks were busy listening to Al Gore of all people. What idiots are left that listen that fool. Yet TipB and the others all drank on the kool-aid that day as well.
Tipb, 9to5mac and the others are all just the same thing, They are REGULARLY WRONG RUMOR SITES.
Everyone should get over it and take what is spoken about with a pinch of salt and wait until actual launches to see what is really there.
These sites are for entertainment only, though this perpetual mourning theme is getting old fast.

The current design is AWFUL. How many iphone 4/4s owners do you know that do not use a bumper or case? Very few, I am sure. The phone is too damn fragile to use without one. You can't toss it a little, put it down on the table, etc without worrying about cracking or scratching the glass. It is impractical. Look at Blackberries as an example. They sit in your hand much better, and have a rubberized back for a better grip. Even the ipad with the metal back is better. Glass back is ridiculous. I need a phone to be practical, and not "look beautiful". It belongs in a china cabinet, not in every day use by active people who don't have time to treat it like a newborn baby.

the design is perfect, allows for you to buy new cases and bumpers for your phone to change the look so you dont get bored of the same looking phone.. but also still keeps the phone sleek

If the design was "perfect" you would not need a case, nor would get bored. BTW, cases do not keep the phone sleek, they just make the iPhone look like an Android phone.

It's not awful but it perfect that's for sure it's nice tho. I use mine how it came out of the box. It's a phone. I replace/trade mine in every 4 Months or so. Love apple.

The design is great, perhaps you should learn how to properly take care of things instead of treating it like a child with a wooden block?

“Apple-levels” of polish are a marketing myth. Siri is beta, it's not integrated with your apps, there is no API for it, iCloud is not intuitive at all and the 5 Gb is a joke. Imagine if Google only gave 5Gb for each Gmail user. And let's not even talk about the iPhone 4 faulty antenna and "blue haze"camera.
They make good products, but I don't think that the shatter prone glass/steel design that begs for a case is particularly "polished".