Have you updated to iOS 7.1 yet?

iOS 7.1

It's been just over 48 hours since iOS 7.1 hit, so have you updated yet? A point update – no matter how much some of us are waiting on it – doesn't usually draw the same excitement as a full blown new iOS version, but there's no denying that a lot of us have been waiting on iOS 7.1. There will also be those folks who are happy enough to wait it out and see the feedback come in first before thinking about updating. So, which camp are you in?

iOS 7.1 brings with it new features such as CarPlay support and improvements to the interface and to iTunes Radio. But, perhaps more importantly – for some of us – it seems to have brought an end to the incessant homescreen resprings and sporadic crashing. For this alone, I was hammering the install button as soon as it landed, and I'm pleased I did. Apple also showed some performance improvement love for folks rocking an iPhone 4, and the feedback seems to have been good on that front, too.

But, while some of us jump on the latest updates as soon as they hit, there are those who are altogether more reserved. Those who are happy to wait it out, see the feedback roll in and decide whether its worth updating. There's also the Jailbreak crowd who don't want to lose that, so those folks probably won't be updating until there's a confirmed exploit for them to use.

So, two days in, have you updated? What's your own thought process behind it, and are you happy right now with whatever decision you made? Drop your vote in the poll up top and your thoughts into the comments below!

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Reader comments

Have you updated to iOS 7.1 yet?


Much better overall performance. Animations are all a bit quicker, finally turned them back on.

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WARNING: This upgrade is breaking people's mics and you cannot be heard on a phone call. There is little or nothing on the forums, and as usual, Apply is saying NOTHING. My iPhone5 is now useless.

Installed on iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th gen), iPad mini.
Won't ever install it on the iPhone 4 for backward compatibility testing.

There is definitely more snappy.

Does anyone know if the five finger swipe to home screen on iPad mini retina had improved, instead of stuttering on animation? Thanks in advance

Updated as soon as it was released and I like it! The new animations are very cool and run smoother and faster!

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Nope. I HATE the new green color in phone/messages/facetime. Also, I don't like that new "buy album" button in now playing itunes radio, neither the new phone/slide to power off circular things, and i absolutely hate the new bolder keyboard. The only thing I do actually like is the camera auto HDR mode.

Seems like Jony Ive was forced to backpedal in his view (less neon-like colors, more bolder fonts).

I do have the ocassional respring problem and touchID prob in my 5s but not enough for updating. I LOVE the interface of 7.0.6) They have made things uglier in 7.1

Just my two cents.

I have to respectfully disagree because the new slider and the call/end icons are amazing. Definitely gives it a polished look and the subtle "answer" animation is a nice touch too.

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I did upgrade my iphone 5. Better. Faster. But the battery drain is terrible!!!!
the iphone 5 was already a fast device, the only thing i was expecting was a battery pump. SAD.

Agree. My 5s battery is a joke now. It wasn't that good before, but now it's down right pitiful.

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Updating my iPhone 5 was an absolute no-brainer decision but also my often used 64GB iPad 2 wifi. On 7.0.3 it got rather sluggish and almost regretted upgrading from iOS 6. Not due to any jailbreak issues but I'm happy that 7.1 has brought some speed back into my aging tablet. Now I don't fret at the battery drain it once had with 7.0.3

Interesting to see Apple backpedalling on the citric colors and many other design decicions that were widely criticized at the time. If only the design egos at Cupertino were not so huge, all this could have been implemented on iOS 7.0.

I debated for a while if I wanted to give up my jailbreak or not for this. I primarily use it for little things like f.lux and ShowCase, plus 7.1 would finally allow me to keep the zoom animations on and not have that stupid perspective effect applied to my wallpapers. I decided to just go ahead and update today. The white point setting in accessibility isn't as good as f.lux, but decent enough for now while I wait for an updated jailbreak.

While the update is 268 MB OTA, if says it needs 2.5 GB free to install. My 16 GB iP5S only has 1.3 GB free. Will have to wait till I get back in town next week.

I had the same problem. Just delete a few apps and messages (because apparently it uses a lot of space) and then update then reinstall them. Good as new

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Updated today, and beyond frustrated. Had to restore from factory for both my devices. SO a word of advice if you do update, make sure you sync! Haven't really got to use the update yet so can't speak to it.

I'm on the iphone 5c, on ios 7.0.6, jailbroken and staying that way.
There is not enough improvements to jump ship.
With the jailbreak tweaks installed there is no way I would make the move, unless something that I really used stopped working, like way back when with safari,ibooks,etc used to have issues, usually there is a fix of course, so i am happy right now.

Overall I like it, especially the font changes. although I do find the circle/facebook chathead design to be a bit much.

Very impressed with the battery life I'm getting in this one. Can't complain.

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Seems like I'm having problems with my wifi connection and both my iPhone 5S and iPad mini w/RD. I just updated this afternoon and I wasn't having this problem before.

Love it but the Forum is upset with the Contact photo change they should have never got rid of full screen Contact photos or at least gave us an option

You need to start a poll on this topic I for one feel it's unexceptable in

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The update bricked my 4S. Was in boot loop hell for a good part of the day. Now recovered and I like most of it but I hate what they have done with the keyboard. My 4S feels like it is running smoother. Waiting for the iPhone 6.

Who cares about the new features, MY IPAD HASN'T CRASHED SINCE I UPDATED! Woohoo!!! On 7.0.x my iPad would inexplicably give me the white apple on black and then go to the Home screen. That seems to have gone away completely.

I like the update and the iPad and iPhone are very snappy.

When receiving a call I always felt that the contact image was too big in the previous version, but now it doesn't show up until you answer the call. The photo visual is great for seeing from a distance who is calling, so I hope this decision is reversed and the smaller image appears before the call is answered.

Also I have noticed a problem with double clicking the home button for multitasking. It often doesn't work after several attempts, but seems to correct if I open an app and then try again — very odd.

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Updated both my iPhone 5S and iPad Air as soon as I got home that day. Both devices are a tad speedier but the real change is the significant increase in the reliability of Touch ID

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Check your background update processes as well, which apps are allowed to update in the background. Mine seems to have defaulted post update to allowing many more apps that access. As well, there's been a massive outpouring of app 7.1 updates. If you're allowing background updates, that could also be the cause. We've got two iPhone 5(s) and a single 5s. No noticeable battery drain on the phones or iPads here.

I like the "under the hood" improvements. I noticed though that Spell Check and Auto Correct does not seem to work as efficiently as before. I find myself correcting words even more especially in iMessaging. I do wish that iPhone implements s Swype-like keyboard. It's such an indispensable feature used by Android for years now. The only thing I find useful in Siri are the accents you can select. Other than that Siri tends to often times respond, "Here's What I Found On The Web... " so much so that it is insulting (Why not just find it on the web yourself kind of thing).I have more comments but I'll leave them for the next update.

There is still problem with the phone app, when someone call and i silence it phone will freeze i dint know why

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I read early in the morning the update was available so I downloaded it for my iPhone 5S and iPad Air over morning coffee. No problems. Everything seems a little quicker and smoother.

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Still haven't seen a major reason to come to the iOS 7 world on my IP5. Jail broken in the iOS 6 world fine is all I need it to be. Plus i dont feel like backing up 50GB of stuff. My iPad however needs it bad, it's been crashing something fierce in the iOS 5 JB world. Once I have time to back up my files I will update it, even if no JB.

Love the holidays added to calendar! Love the new screen when incoming phone call! Love my new bold keyboard! Love better performance! Hated to delete apps to get more space on phone and iPad! Battery usage on both iPhone 5 and my iPad Air is going away fast!

Overall a great update. But for the love of all that's holy, please Apple, fix that darn Shift key!

Yep I updated the first gen iPad mini the day it was released. Am getting much better performance and have not experienced a springboard reset since updating. So color me impressed so far.

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Touch ID is suddenly reliable, without reprogramming it. It. Works. Every. Time!

Oh, and the accessibility updates like labels, button shapes, and reduce transparancy mean I can read my phone without needing by glasses! Woo hoo!

It is definitely more smooth and snappy, and truthfully speaking I've been waiting for this update for quite a while. However I wish I would have waited like I did with previous updates to get some feed back. The new call screen is atrocious and in my eyes is a step in the wrong direction. I also don't like that they changed the reduce motion option so that I no longer get the bubble effect when closing and exiting apps. My battery life has declined because of having it off. Other then those few things and a few unmentioned it's a wonderful update though.

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Nope - keeping 6 on my devices because they don't look like they were run over by an ugly truck. Ive - while you can do great hardware - stay the [redacted] away from UI.

I like the improvements with iOS 7.1, but this is the first time I've ever noticed a decrease in battery life following an upgrade. I'm using a 64GB 4S.

I updated to 7.1 right away on my iPhone 4 and it's still working great. The only problem is with a few apps (shazam,waze, podcast and a few others) opening even slower now. Guess a few apps need to be updated

For me I've noticed everything moves faster. App open and close faster, just a better overall experience.

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Hate being a hater, but this .1 update seems unnecessary. "What used to be a box is now a circle!" So what ...................

When can we use 3rd party keyboards like Fleksy or Messagease or Swipe?

I have had this rule of my own since my 4 and have never deviated from it through my 4s and now 5S.
I wait for a week from when I get a notification whether it is from my phone settings app with red badge or when I hook it up to iTunes to update apps, I read what others have to say, I listen to and read the parts that would concern me the most on how I use my phone. It has worked for me so far and of course I wind up updating but at least I am now ready for it.

On 'zero' point updates without the time for beta testing, I'm with ya. Full point with a couple months of beta testing, refining and re-testing, I'm typically in immediately. Wasn't disappointed this time on any iOS device. iPad 2, 4, Air, rMini, 5,5s and iPod touch 5th gen

Sounds like the 4 crowd got the performance boost. I'm a hold-out on my 4s until I see more feedback.

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Is it me or is anyone else experiencing more battery consumption with iOS 7.1 I noticed this right away and was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to fix this issue

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So far all I have been reading regarding the battery is just from users like us that have noticed the battery drain from the first hour after installing this brilliant update.
Just disable the usual features and wait for Apple to say "there is no such a battery drain"

I totally regret.

As soon as it was announced. Much better performance, improved moved UI & some welcome added features.

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After this update I can`t hear the caller speaking or my music playing without headphones ! Please help me I`m getting depressed :(

Right away...which, ironically, is about when I started to regret the decision. Battery life is horrendous. Luckily I don't have to worry about apps crashing anymore since the phone doesn't register touch about 1/3 of the time so the apps don't open to begin with.

Installed it right when it came out. Went to add something to my wishlist in the App Store and when I clicked on the Sharing icon wishlist isn't an option anymore. Is anyone else having this issue? I looked around to see if it moved but I couldn't find anything. My existing wishlist items are there just can't add new ones. Thanks!

My only real issue is that like every update before it... every single charger/sync cable that I have acts crazy. It takes all night to charge and its always connecting and disconnecting which drives me crazy at 2am. When I buy a new charger after an update it usually works fine.... I never got that.

Has anyone noticed the following bug:

Volume buttons don't seem to respond when accessing videos & photos via camera app... This happened about twice, however after quitting the app and repeating the above steps the volume buttons seemed to work again.

I'm having problem
Installing!! Cant do it when gigged n or over the air. Keep hitting the icon and nothing happens...????

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