Have you upgraded to OS X Mavericks yet? [Poll]

Apple's event this past Tuesday in San Francisco was a busy one, with one of the big pieces of news being the consumer release of OS X Mavericks for the low, low price of free. As such, one potential barrier to upgrading was completely removed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has, or for that matter can. So, have you upgraded to OS X Mavericks yet?

Mavericks brings a ton of new features to the table, some more front facing than others. iBooks and Maps are the two big new built in applications, we've got updates to Finder, notifications and so much more besides. If you're still undecided, I encourage you to read iMore's complete OS X Mavericks review to help you in the decision process.

For some, the choice not to upgrade is personal. Some of us like to wait it out, see if there are any issues that present themselves before taking the plunge. For others, perhaps their hardware is the issue and they can't upgrade. In any case, there's a multitude of reasons that could prevent it.

So, have you upgraded yet? Drop a vote in the poll up top, and leave us your thoughts in the comments below. If you have upgraded, how are you finding it?

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Have you upgraded to OS X Mavericks yet? [Poll]


My mini is stuck at Lion :( My brother upgraded his and there was a noticeable jump in speed. I hope to get a new one some time in the next year.

Yeah, same here. I have a 2008 Macbook on Lion... Until I get an iMac for the house, I'll be the current mayor of Sadness Town. :(

I did the upgrade and along with the new iApps and iWork, it feels like I have a brand new Mac.

My only gripe is the expense in turn I have to make on updating Parallels which worked great before but due to some changes Apple had made to the core OS, anything older than the 9.0 release works. It's been a while now that they have been on 9.0 and always got that feeling the moment I buy the upgrade fees, a entire new release will ship.

Other than that annoyance. Mavericks has been amazingly fast even on my mid 2010 MBP with a C2D under the hood. I did notice issue with the drivers for the Nvidia 320m with flickering lighting in Bioshock which was not present in Mountain Lion.

Overall, the good has outweighed the bad.

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Parallels 9 came out this summer, so if you buy now you should have a good nine months before the next release.

I have also noticed some issues with Parallels 8 in Mavericks, but nothing serious. Still, I am considering paying for the upgrade anyway, just to reap some of the benefits of the two together.

I upgraded only after trying it out on my Time Machine drive to make sure my M-Audio interface drivers, which haven't been updated since 10.7, worked.

Luckily they work in 10.9.

I was probably one of the first people to upgrade. I started downloading as soon as it showed up in the search results (App Store page was still unaccessible but the install button worked). I downloaded it before servers got busy.

I've noticed a big difference in speed when using multiple apps and windows 7 via parallels( I got lucky and got the upgrade to 9 free, bought 8 within a certain time). I'm guessing this has to do with the way mavericks uses RAM. I love tags, really easy to use. Still going through a lot of it but like it more and more as time goes on! (Early 2012 retina MacBook Pro, 8 gigs ram, 512ssd)

I wasn't able to open paralels 8 after installing, just stalled out as soon as I would start it. I got a free upgrade to 9 so wasn't to upset.

i am running Mavericks and Parallels 8 and windows 8.1 fine. Parallels was installed and I just updated mountain lion to Mavericks over the top it wasn't a fresh install or anything but no problems at all. I believe Parallels 7 won't work and I hear Parallels 9 is still a bit buggy with M Lion or anything else.

Yes, I have upgraded and i'm amazed on how environmentally friendly it is. It killed my HP Printer drivers so that I cannot use any paper. The planet thanks Apple and HP.

I upgraded my 2009 15" MBP as soon as I got home from work. It took about 30 minutes to download. I created a bootable restore/install USB stick before letting the upgrade continue, and it went flawlessly.

The computer seems a little faster now and I love the way multi-monitor support works. I also upgraded all on the iWork and iLife programs on the MBP and my iPhone.

If your hardware supports it, I wouldn't hesitate to upgrade. You can't beat the price.

I forgot to mention that, the multi monitor support is 10 times better than it was. I love that I can use my dock on both screens and use full screen on each monitor. This alone is worth the upgrade.

Installed the GM before public release, and have been loving it ever since. When running just a few apps, Mavericks feels much more responsive than Mountain Lion ever did. But when the machine is running several resource-hog apps like Safari + Mail + iTunes + iPhoto + Xcode and I switch between the apps frequently, the system gets bogged down worse than Mountain Lion did.

All on the oldest iMac that Mavericks will install itself on: a mid-2007 2.4GHz C2D, with 4GB RAM. So what I end up doing is quitting iTunes and iPhoto unless I specifically need to use them. I used to leave them open all the time on Lion, but in the Mountain Lion timeframe I sometimes had to close them when running Xcode etc. With Mavericks I really need to keep them closed until they're needed.

I think Mavericks takes advantage of modern Macs' bigger, faster RAM storage by giving apps more physical RAM as they run. So on an older machine like mine, virtual memory swapping-to-disk happens much more often if several big apps are open at once. This would be much more noticeable on Macs with hard drives than on Macs with Fusion Drives or SSDs. Mavericks leverages all that RAM and faster storage, as it should. (And yes, I sense a new iMac in my near future...)

Haven't upgraded and don't plan on it anytime in the near future. I just don't see anything in there that is worth the changes. All of the features that they tout are either uninteresting or don't apply to me.

Personal favorites: Safari sidebar and iCloud integration, the new Maps app, Finder tabs.
In that order.

Unfortunately for me, my Numbers and Keynote are from iWork '08. Too old to qualify for free upgrades from the Mac App Store. Not a huge problem because the old versions still run just fine and the new versions are only $20 each anyway.

I upgraded the day it came out, but I have not been impressed with its performance. The reason may be because my Mac came with Snow Leopard and I've upgraded to every OS X since then. I'm currently performing my first clean install with Mavericks, hopefully that will help.

No issues with the install and all apps work....even Parallels 8.

The dual monitor thing seems to be a bit hinky. Even if I set an app to a specific monitor it doesn't mean that setting will be enforced later. I have had several apps open 3/4 of the way off the second monitor....after repositioning, closing and reopening. The Dock is hard to bring up on the other monitor as well. Seems I have to move the cursor to the top of the screen, then to the bottom to get the dock to pop up.

Other than the monitor quirks I think it is fantastic.

Waiting for Avid Pro Tools 11 to upgrade. It will not work fully with the new Apple software.

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I upgraded my aging iMac looking forward to some hopeful performance boosts, at least with regards to "sleeping" performance sucking processes. Running a LumenRT LiveCube, SketchUp, and Safari at the same time puts a real big hurt on my iMac (2008). I must say, the system does feel a bit more responsive when some if these programs are hidden or obscured in the background. So far, all is [as] well [as it could be].

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Very happy that my 2009 Mac Mini and 2008 Aluminum MacBook just meets the requirements. Took about an hour to install, (not counting downloading the actual >5 GB file, which took about 2-3 hours over my 6 Mbps connection).

I did a fresh install on a disk partition on my late 2009 iMac. I like Mavericks, but no printer drivers for my Epson Workforce 610 had me go back to Lion for now. Nice OS, but nothing important enough to switch to full time use. With 12 Gigs of memory I don't need the memory management features, and no batteries in an iMac. Seems stable.