Having trouble with TextExpander on Mavericks? Here's how to fix it

Having trouble with TextExpander on Mavericks? Here's how to fix it

Smile Software has published some recommendations for using TextExpander with OS X Mavericks. Smile recommends using TextExpander 4.1.1 with Mavericks. Users need to enable system support for TextExpand in Mavericks, which is done in the Security & Privacy preference pane. Smile details how to enable the correct settings in Mavericks in a post on their blog:

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu
  2. Click on Security & Privacy
  3. Click on the Privacy tab
  4. Click on Accessibility in the list at the left
  5. Click the lock icon to allow you to make changes (you'll be prompted for your password)
  6. Check "TextExpander" and "TextExpander Helper" (the latter may not appear)
  7. Launch TextExpander and you should be back in business

If you're using the Mac App Store version of TextExpander, which currently stands at version 3.4.2, Smile recommends that you upgrade to the non-App Store version, which can be downloaded directly from Smile. TextExpander 4.1.1 should automatically detect the license from the App Store version. If it doesn't, you can email Smile, and they'll work with you to get a new license for TextExpander 4.

Source: Smile

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FYI: Mavericks syncs text shortcuts you create in keyboard settings across your iOS devices using iCloud.

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Thank you very much!

It solved the problem for me.