Having trouble upgrading from Windows 8? Here's what to do!

Having trouble upgrading from Windows 8? Here's what to do!

Based on all the questions and comments we're seeing, some folks are having trouble upgrading from Windows 8. That's understandable. Windows is a complicated beast, and that it boots one thousands of different configurations each day, every day, is a software miracle. But it can also be an incredible pain if you're one of the people for whom it's just not working at the moment. So, if you're having trouble upgrading from Windows 8, the single best thing you can do, sincerely, is this:

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Having trouble upgrading from Windows 8? Here's what to do!


Can't. I need an accessibility mode for poor-sighted people. Macs do not have one. Were there some sort of accessiblity theme for the UI, I would have moved to a Mac at least a decade ago, or earlier. Too bad, but true.

Accessibility does not make money for a niche platfrom like the Mac. So it won't be featured.

What type of accessibility setting are you looking for because there is an accessibility folder in system preferences?

I bought an iMac recently, but for gaming and engineering purposes I still use my windows 8 laptop, true story. It's a must.

He's right. I Would love to switch over but most games aren't there yet or take a while to port. There was no way I was going to wait 6 months to play Bioshock infinite. It is getting better though.

I have 6 Windows boxes at home and 3 Mac boxes. I'd like an Ubuntu box but there are only so many hours in the day to geek around.

I mainly use a Linux desktop. it has the best accessibility support for me. That is the tangible difference between a group of people (opensourcers) making a good product for the sake of making a good product, versus the OSX folk, who are in the business of making money. So it is not difficult to guess which one works also for someone outside the mainstream, someone who is not profitable for a giga corporation that bases every decision on numbers on Powerpoint slides.

That is why I also support the open source and free software movement financially. It makes the world a better place for everyone.

When you talk to the teams at Apple, it's crystal clear to you in 5 seconds they're in it for the products. I'd be curious to hear what you'd like from OS X in terms of accessibility? AppKit certainly isn't where UIKit is, but I bet a lot of people on Apple want it to be as well.

Rene, I am a fan of you and the crew on Mac Weekly, but have to disagree on "Get a Mac" - I have a late 2012 iMac and a Windows desktop that I just upgraded to Win 8.1. No real problems. The windows box is very new Haswell 4770k OC to 4.5 with a week old AMD R7 Graphics card. Well windows did not recognized that card and I had to update the driver. No biggie. I use Lightroom on the iMac and Windows - its faster on my $1000 wndows box but the iMac screen is better. I use Cubase 7 on both but do the serious work on my Windows box. I love apple products (will be getting my first iPhone in a few weeks and have several iPads at home) but they are not always the best platform for the job at hand.
Keep providing up the good reporting - but please try to control yourself .

3 words: excel for mac. Until this stops being the piece of junk it is, I will be keeping my pc. Arguably it's a Microsoft fault not an apple one but Numbers?? Seriously??

Are you not using Excel for Mac, or are you dissatisfied with it? I have Office for Mac on my MacBook Pro and it seems to be just fine.

I did it when my Dell Vista laptop arrived with no drivers able to run its own screen. I still have a few Windows machines, but my primary became Mac and I've not ever regretted it.

For something I use 8+ hours a day, the cost difference is minimal.

That is the fault of DELL the manufacturer, not the Micro$oft.
The day I can game on a mac I might think about it. But then again I like to be able to pop my tower open, hate laptops with a passion, and upgrade things as I go, or add more memory without voiding the warranty

Wow. Seems a lot of people can't take gentle robbing. Sheesh.

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I don't understand the whole fanboy attitude with technology lately. I have a Macbook, iPhone 5s and a HP Windows 8.1 desktop (non touchscreen), and I am very pleased with them all. Each serve a purpose. I believe Windows 8.1 to be cutting edge, thus prone to growing pains yet I have not experienced any major issues what so ever. It's actually interesting to see Microsoft innovate and move away from their comfort zone. Just to add, Windows 8.1 is simple to operate with a mouse. If my kid can do it, I'm certain all these whiny Windows 7 tech gurus can figure it out.

Because humans are creatures of habit. If something isn't where it's expected, they just assume it's not there. Adapting to Windows 8 wasn't hard. I hated not having the Start menu for about a week until I found using search from the Start screen to be much faster. Now, it's a bit slower in 8.1 but the results seem to be more useful.

The thing with the tech "gurus" is they don't want to adapt, they would rather revert. There's nothing wrong with that, but I feel the negative reaction has really killed a lot of momentum Win 8 could've had. It's not "Vista 2" as some make it out to be. Whether it truly is a blunder remains to be seen. Microsoft is listening and tweaking though, so we'll just have to ride it out.

Bought my first MacBook this past January. My brother was having some issues getting his printer set up on his new Toshiba Win 8 machine so he asked me to come take a look at it. I really couldn't believe how bad of an user experience Win 8 is..... there is NO WAY i would go back to a Windows machine at tis point unless I could be guaranteed something without WIn 8 on it.

It was way too complicated to even get to "Control Panel"..... they really messed up the OS, IMO.

Really? Did you simply try typing "control panel" while in the Metro UI? Maybe as users we expect things to be complicated, thus not allowing us to recognize the simple, obvious solution.

It's really not that obvious though. There is nothing telling the user they can just begin typing on the Start Screen to initiate a search. The piss poor tutorial doesn't even say anything about the Charms or their functions.

Your brother should have called someone who knew what they were doing. Installing a modern USB printer in W8 is extremely easy, if you can follow simple directions. Even the Mac requires the user to take some time and learn how the system works.

I like your attempted insult, but I don't recall saying anything other than IN MY OPINION... The Win 8 user experience was not as simple or easy as previous version(s).

I got the printer set up for him, just fine, in about 5 minutes.

So I guess he DID call someone that knew what they were doing.

Windows 8 did have some usability issues, but Windows 8.1 address a lot of that and things are a lot more intuitive. Anyway, it's not that complicated, you just didn't know how to get to it, which is Microsoft's fault. You could have just begun typing "Printers" at the Start Screen and click settings. Or gone to Computer and there is a button there.

Most printers work OFTB so it wouldn't even be necessary to do that, but some off models do sometimes.

Yep, it's Microsoft's fault. You should be able to simply place the printer box next to the computer and yell "install printer", like on a Mac.

>Free upgrade
>Spend a couple hundred.

Yeah. No. One can always troubleshoot through many search engines, ask on knowledgable forums, or even pop over to WP Central for help. I actually had to disconnect one of my drives I dual-boot Elementary OS from to get the upgrade to work. Googling the error code lead me to the information. EDIT: I realize not everyone is "tech savy" and that's who Macs are aimed at, but a little Google-fu goes a long way.

I don't think this article had any real purpose to be published, at least not without providing a helpful link to another Mobile Nations site for those who don't want to buy a Mac. I can't deny it's a valid solution, I must say owning an iMac was easy for the time I had one but if the intent of this article was to help iMore readers, why not actually help in ways that isn't pushing a Mac.

Take the stick out.....it was just some light-hearted ribbing. People are waaaaaaaay too serious/sensitive, foh

Have you seen the reaction Android trolls get from this site? People get so butt-hurt it's as if someone had kicked their puppy.

I upgraded to Windows 8.1 with minor difficulties. I have it installed on my retina MacBook Pro 13" with 256gb SSD. I upgraded Parallels 9 to the latest version, but when I tried to update Windows 8, I couldn't find it. Turns out you have to have the latest updates to Windows 8, including one very important KB article. After doing that, the free upgrade appeared right where it was supposed to be, in the store, and everything was fine after that.

I've also noticed that not every version of Windows 8 can be upgraded with the free upgrade. If you go the to Microsoft website, you will see which ones can and can't.

That's what I said to all my friends and relatives over the past 6 years. Almost all of them bought a mac. Yours Truly Tech Support Hotline calls have slowed to almost nothing. Still haven't figured out what to do with all my free time. True story.

I upgraded to 8.1 and had zero issues.

Who knows, the day Apple starts to think about the gaming community, and most games start to be released on the Mac. Until then, thank you, but no thank you. If I want notebook hardware on my desktop I'll purchase a notebook and a big screen TV.