HBO Go for iOS updated with Google Chromecast support

Google Chromecast gets a little more useful today as the HBO Go application for iPhone and iPad has been updated with support for Google's $35 dongle. You'll need to be a HBO subscriber, of course, but otherwise fire it up and you should be good to go to beam stuff over to your Chromecast.

Google says the HBO Go web app has also been updated with support for Chromecast, so should you be using it in the Chrome browser on your Mac or Windows PC you'll be able to watch HBO TV shows, from your computer or iOS device, on your TV. Of course, HBO on the TV is exactly what we've all been waiting for. Oh, wait.

Perhaps not quite the future we hoped for just yet, but it's a start. And there is Game of Thrones, which is always awesome.

Source: Google via Android Central

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HBO Go for iOS updated with Google Chromecast support


I don't have a Chrome but I'm excited about how it's developing. I love that it's so tiny (compared to an Apple TV). It becoming a comparable alternative to Apple's little black box will surely give Apple incentive to improve it's own media box, yes?

For what it currently is, I suppose Apple TV is nice enough, but in all reality (excluding purchasing music, TV shows, and movies) it's only a glorified TV box. I feel like it's capable of so much more, even at it's price point. (Which I feel should also drop now, to at least $75 - barring any unforeseen tech upgrades.)
Unfortunately, just like Apple TV, even Chromecast is only a terminal for accessing viewable media and music. I want my Apple TV [and Chromecast] to be more integral to the home media [living] operation and not just another link in the chain. I want them to provide a reason for keeping them on more and not just for when I have the opportunity to sit on the "coach" [xD] after the kids are in bed and I can finally retain a coherent thought in my head. Even if for nothing else quickly providing local weather and calendar/reminder information on demand... Something that actually contributes to my life and not just for media consumption.

So that brings it to Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, HBO Go, YouTube, and Google Play Music.

Not bad at all for a $35 dongle. I've been using mine a hell of a lot more lately, where as I used to use my 360 for Netflix. I can make a TV Queue in YouTube and watch a bunch of shows, like some of the TWiT shows and MLG stuff.

The trick with Chromecast is with the remote of lack of one. Using your phone or tablet or even computer as the remote is genus. I mean really it's genus to just have an added button to existing apps. Being able to buy a Chromecast for every tv for 30 to 40 each is a game changer. You want to have Sonos without the cost. Buy a Chromecast and plug it into your amplifier and it becomes a streaming music player. You use your phone or tablet to control the music. So many possibilities.

Love this app! Especially ring able to have such a large library available on the go and on he Apple TV. True Blood!!

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