Head for Instagram and Gmail give you quick access to your accounts right from your Mac desktop

Head for Instagram and Gmail give you quick access to your accounts from your Mac Desktop

We recently took a look at Head for Facebook and I was quite impressed at the unobtrusive way it allowed me to access Facebook on my Mac desktop in one single click but didn't get in the way. The creators of Head for Facebook have now released Head for Instagram and Head for Gmail. Two separate apps that give you the same functionality of their Facebook counterpart, right on your Mac desktop.

The premise of the Head family of apps is simple. Once you've downloaded them, you'll get stationary bubbles on your Mac desktop that you can move around and do with what you please. Whenever you'd like to access a respective account, just click on that bubble and your account will instantly be launched.

Posting to Instagram is a feature that's restricted to smartphones but you'll be able to browse your feed, like, and comment on others photos as well as view your own profile. Head for Gmail is actually very well done and provides the ability to be able to toggle from desktop to mobile. If you only use Gmail, it may make for a good desktop Gmail client that's unobtrusive but accessible.

If you happen to snatch up either, let us know what you think!

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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Daytona says:

Wow..... I just downloaded Head for Facebook and I love it. The UI is clean and it functions great. Just texted 3 of my friends to tell them about all the Head options. Good stuff!

GeniusUnleashed says:

Pretty amazing. It seems to be running through the net instead of storing on the computer right? Using very little threads and CPU and that combination seems to make it a perfect fit for my old dying MBP.

tyler_zyco says:

Head for Facebook and Instagram work very well! I'm going to hold off on Gmail until it has Notification support. Facebook needs it too. Hoping they add the option to see a little badge on the Head for new notifications!