Heisenberg is back, get your Breaking Bad catch-up hit with iTunes!

The television event so many have been waiting on finally begins this weekend, as the smash-hit show Breaking Bad returns to our screens for the grand finale. After literally months of waiting since the first half of the final season finished airing, fans are eagerly awaiting the final eight episodes in the story of Walter White/Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman.

The show, which first aired in 2008, follows the life of Walter White, a chemistry teacher turned drug dealer who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. The past 5 years has seen it grow massively in popularity, and the finale is one of the years most eagerly anticipated TV events. The good news if you've never seen it, you missed the first half of the final season, or you just want to catch-up on past episodes, iTunes has all the Breaking Bad you need!

I'm quite new to the show, and currently plugging through the older episodes at a fair rate of knots. I'm hooked though, and my only disappointment was that I didn't get into it earlier. Are you a fan of the show? How much are you excited for the finale?

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Reader comments

Heisenberg is back, get your Breaking Bad catch-up hit with iTunes!


Instead of paying $121.95 for the five seasons on itunes for the HD episodes, you could watch them all for $7.99 on Netflix.

Of course the world is bigger than the United States. I just commented that there is a much cheaper alternative available to a large percentage of imore members. BTW, Netflix is available in over 40 countries.

Richard, I challenge you to find a place where both Netflix is not available and where Breaking Bad is available on iTunes.