Here's what's new in Flickr for Apple TV

Flickr on Apple TV

During today's latest Apple TV update, among the new channels that were added Yahoo made a pretty significant update to its existing Flickr channel. For those of us who haven't had chance to take a look at it yet, Yahoo has outlined just what's new.

For the first time with Apple TV, sign into Flickr and view all your photos, videos, Favorites, Albums, and Groups. In one click, make any album into a slideshow or screensaver ready to share with friends, or customize in real-time with over fifteen different slideshow and screensaver modes.

Share your photos and discover others' through a dedicated "Explore" section highlighting our top trending photos, weekly photographer spotlights, daily curated galleries and videos, and public photo archives.

Beyond this the new search function gives you the power to find images by people, photos or groups that interest you and will kick in as soon as you start to type. You can also visit Flickr photographers profile pages and add images to your favorites with one click.

Flickr for Apple TV has until now felt a little lacking but Yahoo looks to have made a real difference with this latest effort. I've not personally had chance to check it out fully, but I'm looking forward to getting into it. If you've already taken it for a test drive be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Yahoo

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Reader comments

Here's what's new in Flickr for Apple TV


I just spent some time logging in, and going through the interface and while it's light years ahead of what they had previously (the previous version barely even worked), it's still fairly lame.

For a web site that's all about pictures, both the new AppleTV version, as well as the iOS app and the Web version really mangle your pictures when you upload them. It's virtually impossible to view them at their original resolutions. Certainly on the AppleTV version you have no choices as to resolution, no ability to zoom in, etc.

All their clients are full of silly, stupid mistakes and errors. Like they let you set a panorama picture for your header, which then appears on all the clients, but each client crops this picture slightly differently. So on Apple TV you will see only a portion of the upper left corner, and on another device, you will see a cropped centre section, while on the web you will see *most* of the entire picture. As far as I know they still don't even *have* an iPad client, Which is just ridiculous.

On the new AppleTV client, you can connect to your friends more easily, (you basically couldn't do this at all previously), but again, the pictures are presented to you in cropped, heavily compressed versions that you have no control over at all. It also has new browse and search options, but once you find a picture, there is no way to go to the account of that person, or see other related pictures etc.

It's all very minimal, limited and fraught with errors and bad design decisions IMO. But then both Flickr and Yahoo are for your grandparents really.

Have tried to connect to my account unsuccessfully. I enter the code displayed on the TV on the website and while it say that it was successful, noting happening on the apple TV.

Lame :(

Yep. Same here. No way to try to get a new code either. I was shown a code the first time I tried, didn't work; backed out of the app, tried again, got another code, and that one didn't work either.

I'm not sure how to try again. There's no way to ask for a new code.