Hey new iPad owners, can you tell that it's heavier than the iPad 2?

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Now that the new third-gen iPad has hit the streets, how many of you recent owners find it heavy compared to the iPad 2? We're seeing at least a couple of people in the forums that are agreeing about the difference. Of course, if you're upgrading from the original iPad, there's going to be no contest, but it's a much closer call with the iPad 2.

The new iPad is about 51 g heavier than the iPad 2, totaling 652 g, and adds less than a millimeter in thickness (0.6 mm, to be exact) to achieve a 9.4 mm profile. Much of that growth can be attributed to the new battery which stores twice the power of the iPad 2 only to achieve the same lifespan. Of course, there's also the new Retina display which may have added a bit of thickness since the pixel connectors are now on a separate plane, but I doubt that contributed much to the weight difference. By comparison, the biggest current competition on the Android front is the Asus Transformer Prime, which manages to keep its weight down to 586 g and maintain an 8.3 mm thickness.

On paper, it doesn't look like the dimensions have changed a whole lot from the last generation, and I imagine most folks who upgraded to the new iPad from the iPad 2 will quickly forget about the weight, especially once they're distracted by what the extra RAM, pixel desnsity, and graphical processing can offer them. Still, how many of you new owners can notice the change? Do you think it will impede your usage in any way (however significant)? Speaking of weight, how about the balance? Do you find the new iPad sits in the hand as well as previous models, or has the distribution change enough for you to notice? Leave a comment here, or join the discussion in the forums!

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Reader comments

Hey new iPad owners, can you tell that it's heavier than the iPad 2?


I have the 64 Gig LTE "new" iPad and I can tell it's ever so slightly heavier than the iPad 2 I got for my Dad. You have to hold them side my side to really tell though. Overall, I'm very pleased with the weight. This is the first iPad that I've purchased that I plan to use personally.

Just picked up the same 64gb 4g iPad 3, and must say I can feel the diff (weight / thickness) difference from my 64gb wifi iPad 2, however, this doesn't really seem significant enough to rate as a detriment. Too new to make a determination on balance.

Honestly, I don't see or feel any difference at all in the case. The screen is ridiculously gorgeous. But the case? It looks identical to the eye and it feels identical too (Love it). I'd bet you have to hold an iPad 2 in one hand and a new iPad in the other in order to maybe feel a difference.

I have been without my iPad 2 for more than three weeks. I just got my new iPad today and I can tell the difference is so much more heavier..... I guess I'll get used to it

Yes, I can tell the difference in weight. The new screen resolution is awesome; however, images on most web pages look blurry since they are not optimized for higher screen resolutions.

I had the original iPad (32gb wifi+3G). Just got the new iPad 16GB wifi only (i never use the 3G of my first ipad, as I use my iphone as a wifi hotspot..saves tons of $).
as it is less weight, i expect to have a lighter machine. 50g = 10 nickles (usa currency). Just as it is 10nickles heavier than iPad 2 (which I never held). This new ipad will be 50 nickles lighter than what I 'm used to....I'm gonna lose some muscle hahaha

I can't see a difference or anything, but you can tell the difference in the weight especially if you hold the iPad 2 in one hand and the iPad third-generation in the other hand.

I can't tell the difference either. I have a 32 gb iPad 2 and just received my new iPad 64 gb. Really can't see that much of a difference weight wise. The retina display is phenomenal.

I don't feel the difference but the retina display is like having my contacts in. The iPad 2 was great but the new iPad screen makes everything crisp and clean.
Does anyone else notice their new iPad being much hotter than the iPad 2?? I noticed the heat right after unboxxing and restoring. Right now it's as hot a a laptop. My iPad 2 never got this hot.

Take a look at iPhone apps on the new iPad screen. Talk about a huge difference. Even at 2X they look great. They look so much better than they did on an iPad 2.

51 grams and .6 millimeters?! Try measuring out 51 grams of something sometime, and then draw a line .6 millimeters long. Best of luck. There is no noticeable size or weight difference when you hold on to one then the other. If you think there is, its all in your head.

It's a verrry slight weight difference you can feel but you can't tell the difference in thickness until it's held up next to an iPad 2.

I think a lot of it is the weight distribution itself. The much larger battery is situated near the bottom of the display, and when you hold the device from the bottom in portrait mode, you can feel that battery pulling down. It actually feels a lot lighter if you hold it upside down in portrait mode, with the camera side down and the home screen up. To those suggesting that we are all wrong and it is somehow in our heads, I respectfully disagree with your arrogance. The new iPad has a much different feel in the hand than the iPad 2.

I went into the Apple store and played with the new iPad. I lifted up an iPad and thought I think it feels a little heaver than my iPad2, then looked at the screen and thought the text doesn't look any better either. Then I realized I was holding an iPad 2. I then checked out the new iPad next to it and I really could not tell the difference in the weight or thickness even holding them both at once, in your hands they both feel and look the same until you look at the screen and then you can easily tell by the sharpness of the text and graphics but with the device turned off, I could not tell the difference. I did notice the new iPads ran warmer than the iPad 2.

The new iPad does feel warmer - is this a bad thing? I wouldn't want the iPad to blow up, man this is scary.

I can definitely feel the difference in both thickness and weight. It feels noticeably bulkier in the hand. This might due to the difference in the taper of the back case. And the weight difference feels like more than 51 grams.

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