Holi at #CESlive: A lamp that 'helps you create the perfect light at the perfect moment'

Holi is the Hindu festival of colors, so it's an apt description for this colorful smart connected lamp that works with iOS and Android. You can control the hue and brightness of the lamp, make it pulse in time with music and even help wake you up and put you to sleep. It'll cost $199 when it hits stores in March.

Do you think having lights that you can control with your iPhone or iPad is something that would make life better in your home or office? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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Peter Cohen

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zdn1042 says:

Smart name. Fancy lamp.

asuperstarr says:

Could be an interesting lamp. Not sure I would want a lamp the blinks to music. But I'm sure someone would possible want it.

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jeffbergstrom says:

I don't know why but I want it.

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