Holiday Weekend App Sales Begin!

Jeremy will likely be back soon with your regular dose of Apps for Less, but as the Easter/Passover/Whatever your holiday of preference weekend begins, a couple sites are taking advantage of users likely to have some free time, and family avoidance needs, on their hands with special App sales.

First up, Easter App Sales has a score (20 for you digital types) of discounts listed for Hero of Zero, Nintaii, Tap Forms,, Memengo Wallet, Restaurant Find, Distant Suns, iBearMoney, Varinome, Grand Tour, iBearBrain, Twelve Steps Companion, Memory and Systems info, Japanese Phrases, Fast Food Calorie Counter, Currency Exchange Rates, iMissal, Doctors, and SleepStream.

Arnold Kim also points out via Twitter that AppShopper is keeping track of "lots of Easter Sales in the App Store".

If you spot any super sweet deals to go along with our candy eggs, chocolate matzah, or non-religious sugar frosted truffles, let us know!

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Rene Ritchie

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Holiday Weekend App Sales Begin!