Hollywood actors, writers, and producers putting iPad to work

Earlier this morning it was outline how Hollywood stars and producers alike have been quick to adopt the Apple iPad to help with their day-to-day work.

J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk, director and producers for shows like LOST, Fringe and the Cloverfield movie respectively, have specifically been using the iPad as a main assisting component when working with Transformers executive-producer Robert Orci last month while laying down the sequel to the last Star Trek movie.

"When you’re carrying a little TV around, you bring the power of imagery to places that you don’t normally have it,” Mr. Orci said in an interview.

In addition to big-time writers and producers using the iPad to help with their work, it looks like many actors -- like Dana Delany who will be starring in "Body of Proof" on ABC -- have been utilizing the iPad to help with things like rehearsals and script revisions. Heck, even the sound guys are getting in on the action.

"The iPad is the must-carry accessory on sound stages this season, visible behind the scenes of television and film shoots and in business meetings."

With the amount of product placement for the iPad (2,438 appearances on TV in September alone) and attention from the likes of major Hollywood players mentioned above, how quickly could the iPad take over most day-to-day tasks at the workplace? How have you been using the iPad at work, specifically? Let us know in the comments!

[ NYTimes]

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Reader comments

Hollywood actors, writers, and producers putting iPad to work


It's really true. With the film sets I've worked on DPs using them. On one set, the Assistant Director used the photos.app to review the lighting plots with us & the DP.
I've used it myself when I was working on a project where we were interviewing people on the street, I had an appearance release PDF on my iPad using the app iAnnotate and all they had to do was sign the contract directly on the iPad & we were done.

I saw someone with an iPad out at a meeting last week. He had the apple case and was using it like a laptop.

I have a hard time believing a normal thinking professional would sign a binding contract with their finger on an IPad. Sawyers is so full of crap his eyeballs are brown.

@Omar Little,
One of the most efficient and secure ways for people to sign contracts these days is - digitally. His client could have very well given him his digital signature.

@Omar Perhaps a professional would be reluctant to sign a contract on an iPad, but he was not talking about professionals doing the signing in this case. Just people on the street doing interviews.

@Omar And they wouldn't be signing with a finger. Did Obama sign an iPad with his finger? A Pogo stylus works wonders ...

We are using iPad's in one of our warehouses for receiving and despatching. We needed a solution as close to paper as possible - speedy, simple input. We also needed that input to be instantly accessible elsewhere, so that there was no need for re-entry of data. The iPad has exceeded our expectations, and all at a very low cost when compared with other options in this arena.

I just wrapped on a set where I had my iPad. I saw 3 others being used as well. Another actor, the director and a producer.
Honestly they are everywhere in entertainment now. Table reads. Everywhere.

I use my iPad for work routinely. As a restaurant manager I can work on schedules, orders and budgets while sitting at a table observing what is going on around me rather than sitting in the office in the back of the building. It helps me stay in view of what my team is doing and if my guests need anything.

For those skeptical of people signing contracts on an iPad, consider that at most Apple Stores the salespeople on the floor are constantly ringing up multi thousand dollar credit card purchases and having the customer sign on a modified iPod Touch.

I actually don't understand just how i found your blog because i had been researching info on politics, but anyway, i have an excellent time reading it, thanks!