Hon Hai CEO reportedly says iPhone 5 will outshine Galaxy S III, intends to beat Samsung in three to five years

Hon Hai CEO says iPhone 5 will outshine Galaxy S III, intends to beat Samsung in three to five years

Stop us if you've heard this before, but a quote is being attributed to Terry Gou, CEO of Apple manufacturing partner Hon Hai (parent company of Foxconn), this time claiming he said that consumers should hold out for the iPhone 5, as it will apparently put the Samsung Galaxy S III to shame.

It was supposedly part of a conference call, and it's claimed Gou didn't stop there -- he also reportedly said that he expects that the joint venture with Sharp will put them ahead of Samsung shipments in three to five years. Of the partnership, Gou said "I respect the Japanese and especially like their execution and communication styles. Unlike the Koreans, they will not hit you from behind." He also called out Samsung as "a company with a track record of snitching on its competitors," referring to Samsung's role in a 2010 price fixing investigation. Yowza.

It's important to remember though, that reports have surfaced of Gou saying Apple-related comments before, only to have them later denied or walked back by PR. So take this for what it's worth.

Of course Foxconn provides parts for more than just Apple, but that's certainly the lion's share of their business. Currently, Apple hardware still uses a few Samsung parts, but of Hon Hai is this dedicated to squashing out their Korean competitor, then maybe they'll be offer Apple an acceptable alternative in the near future.

From what you guys have seen of the Samsung Galaxy S III and what little we've seen of the iPhone 5, are you going to take Gou's word for it that the next iOS smartphone will blow the competition away, or will it be yet another small iterative upgrade?

Source: FocusTaiwan via iClarified

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Hon Hai CEO reportedly says iPhone 5 will outshine Galaxy S III, intends to beat Samsung in three to five years


Funny he says samsung calls out their competitors but isn't that exactly what apple is doing trying to stop htc, and samsung from having their products in the US? Pot calling the kettle black much?

Yes, the "interpret a string of phone numbers as something that can be used to trigger a phone call" patent.

and shortly apple will be for the pull down notification shade that google has patented. Apple can only steal so much...

And unless the rumored device is nothing like the final device I wouldn't say the iphone 5 is going to outshine anything. An elongated screen and IOS6 aren't really game changers.

I totally agree. If Apple doesn't enlarge that screen more that adding 1/2" to the height they don't have a chance of exciting the market. The expectation last year for a 4" screen with a tear drop case was high only to be shattered with another iPhone 4 increment. The leaked devices don't look much different from the iPhone 4 except taller, that isn't going to do it.

Apple should take some of those "renders" into consideration because some of the ones people came up with were amazing and would have really wowed everyone had they used it. Guess only time will tell once it is announced how it will do and if it will be a show stopper.

If you think screen size is the one thing that is needed to excite the market, its a good thing you aren't in charge of marketing for Apple and clearly you don't get it...
I know many who don't want the monster screen sizes that Android phones have. They are cumbersome and fit only for a 70+ year old IMHO. If its bigger, I hope its not by much.
I'd rather see more around the cloud, even more camera enhancements, and maybe an exciting new design. I don't think stupid things like a bigger screen is the tactic that puts a company like Apple on top like it is now.

SO huge android phones are only for 70+ year olds? Last I checked most people who have androids are far from elederly, that is where IOS comes in because it is supposed to be so simple. And no but people want something larger than 3.5 and I'm not saying huge but if all they do is elongate the screen well then that is a fail and will make the iphone look and feel weird in hand.

Wait....so.....only people that want it are old people? Please, if Apple came out with a 5'' screen tomorrow, you'd say 'WE'VE BEEN MISSING SO MUCH. EVERYTHING IS SO CLEAR NOW'
People with big hand like me prefer bigger phones. I have a Galaxy S (in addtion to my 4S) and that's a bit too small for me.

The incremental upgrade trick only worked with Jobs. It's not going to work with Cook. He doesn't have the mojo to inspire purchases and doesn't have the mystique of jobs. His only hope of getting more than a yawn is if he does more than elongate the iPhone 4 case and screen because as stated, the few incremental upgrades in iOS 6 and Facebook integration isn't going to be enough to outdo anyone. Windows Phone 8 is coming and that is proving to be far more interesting than the yawn fest that iOS 6 has turned out to be. Whatever Apple releases this year is going to likely be an incrementally upgraded S model next year, so that will determine if I stick with an iPhone when my contract ends or take a serious look at other options.

Exactly. Cook needs to be aggressive in his first couple of years to preserve Steve Jobs' Apple "reality distortion field". And for the consumer, the most obvious place to start is to bring power back to the power user. The hardcore user base keeps the Apple perception alive. If Cook takes care of us, he will have us as believers and all will be fine with Apple. To do that, every product release over the next year or two needs to be a major upgrade focused around speed, power and use of the latest tech for both hardware and software.. The MacPro, for starters, needs to be cutting edge again, if only to set an example. OS X needs to get its swagger back. IPhones and iPads and the iOS need to mature faster, getting better than expected hardware performence from them. There are some amazing iOS killer apps about to come out and the iPad needs to be ready. We all know Apple takes design seriously. But it's time to start pleasing the power user base with advanced and sophisticated hardware builds. Stay ahead of the pack with CPUs and logic board design (in terms of power - the aesthetics are already there).

"Wickedly fast", "Power User" are terms that haven't been heard in the same sentence with "Apple" much lately.

That's one trick Cook could use to get Apple buyers re-energized. Prove to us that he understand the Apple power user culture, like Jobs did. I hope Jobs educated Cook on the real Apple culture that is still very much alive, but is getting very frustrated, very fast. We are important to Apple not because we are the majority of customers. But because we are a gauge that can accurately be measured. It's trickle down. Cook would be wise to win us over. Because if he wins us over, he'll win everyone over.

Power and functionality. Surprise us Tim. Give us something that exceeds our expectations, in every product catafory.

  1. iPhone 
  2. iPhone 3G
  3. iPhone 3GS
  4. iPhone 4 
  5. iPhone 4S
  6. the new iPhone
    If I can say one thing for sure about the next iPhone, it will certainly not be called "iPhone 5". 

Who cares what they call it. We call it the iPhone 5 so we all know what we are talking about. Why are there so many whiners complaining about referring to it as the iPhone 5. We all know it hasn't been named yet, it doesn't matter. We call it the iPhone 5 so you will know what we are talking about.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
There are you mad.

Why does 5 seem so illogical to you and others? Nobody knows for sure but 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5s... Doesn't seem too far fetched to me. The only reason I can think of that makes iPhone 5 an unlikely name is that they released "the new iPad" earlier this year which could point to "the new iPhone". Or perhaps they will call it the 4g if it is capable of true 4g network speeds. BUT if they do stick to numbers Ido believe that 5 is more likely than 6 or 7.

Why would they call it the iPhone 5 when it will be the 6th generation? That would dumb. Calling it iPhone 4G seems logical or just calling it the iPhone (6th gen) like the rest of their products.

I'm waiting for the new iPhone. Could buy an S3 tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I'd end up selling it in Sept/Oct so I can't be bothered!

I don't really value the opinions of most platform cheerleaders on either side. I not waiting on either device as i got a contract anyways and no upgrade when it launches anyways. I'm not buying any device without using it or touching it. And i honestly don't care who wins in these little fanboy skirmishes of my OS is better then yours, i sell more handsets, i have more profit share, i have more market share, developers love me more then you, junk. It's just a phone. I'm interested in what's new on the horizon. I'm not rooting for anyone though.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Very Well Said Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you. Well said by an adult! I have made similar statements becuase of all the childlike behavior of so called adults.

Perhaps he has forgotten that Sharp had to settle because of LCD price fixing along with Hitachi and Samsung

look all iphones sucks ok apple tells everyone we are going to do this that and the other and ends up doing nothing they will say anything to get all you sheeps to follow them and you do just like a good lil puppy that all you fanboys are lets see if the next iphoney gets 4g HA!!!! NEVER

I like the looks of the new Galaxie phone. I appreciate they didn't flat out copy Apple this time (though I wouldn't doubt they were early to release a design that may have been similar to the new iPhone.. time will tell) As for Android phones, if I had to get one and I could get over the copy-cat ways of Samsung I'd probably buy that phone.
Having said that, if I were presented the 4S vs. the Galaxie III I'd take the 4S every time. I can only imagine the 5 (or whatever it is called) will be better - either drastically or even just a little makes no difference to me, nor do I think it will in the market. We have seen it before, so if you are still doubting it maybe you need another history lesson.
Sorry, thats not a fanboy talking its just the honest truth in what I prefer. I know many of you can't handle that... but I still think the 4S is the king of phones. That makes the next one the winner by default.

nope your not being a fanboy and we need more people like you,for you the 4s is the perfect phone and thers nothing wrong with sayingg that,doesntt make youu a fanboy in anyway at all. for me s3 is almost perfect,tad big but having that large screen for me is worth it...personally i could never ever go back to an iphine,too many restricticns for me especially after having the freedom the s3 provides like sharing any files via bt and drag and dropping files(hate itunes and its syncing crap),sd card...them 3 things are the most important and if apple were to ever give me them 3 then i would happily get another iphone.

How about a removable battery on iPhone? That is the show stopper for me. I go through lots of battery in an average work day. I have an iTouch (with battery accessories) and an HTC Evo 3d. I can carry 3 $4 each Evo batteries in my pocket and charge them all at once every night. It is a huge headache to keep the juice up on the iTouch, even though it does rapid charge. When battery gets low and I miss it, I need fresh battery now, not after a bunch of hassel and pop-on large accessories.

When I had a android, it was essential to pull the battery. But now that I have an iPhone, it is no longer nessisary. Only phones with crap OSs need to have battery pulls. Your argument sir is not a good one. :)

You sir have some mental problems. How does the 4S 'automatically' make the next one better? So if the only thing they change is the color scheme, it's better? BS.
I find it funny how you say you would buy the Galaxy S series if you were to go Android because it's closest to Apple. Um...why do you thinkg the GSIII has already sold 9 million units and it's not in the US yet? People like the simplicity and the features. Yes it's very similar to iOS, but it's similar to something that works. NONE OF THAT HTC BS! Apple copied android with 'pull down notifications' and countless other things. That's life. Apple can't be the ONLY phone maker. Damn.

Typical Android Apologist.
Crowing about hardware components instead of the overall experience. Losing the forest for the trees.

Re: He also called out Samsung as "a company with a track record of snitching on its competitors," referring to Samsung's role in a 2010 price fixing investigation. Yowza.
WOW. I think we all more or less suspected that Samsung weren't trustworthy. But man, Mr. Gou doesn't pull punches, does he?

No matter who cares? iPhone is the king and the queen since the day one:) #invisible.
like it or not #truth

I mean the 4s isnt even the top seller anymore on verizon so apple better come up with something if they want to try and steal the thunder from the sgs3. Then again they will just try and sue them to ban the products like they have been doing. Next up apple sues samsung because samsung only charges $50 more for double the memory and apple patented that you have to charge $100 more.

Um...I would hopeso. WTH? It'll be released AFTER the GS3...the GS4 will be better than the iPhone 5. LIke, come on!

Sorry but a long narrow screened phone with basically the same OS since day one doesn't really impress me.

I'm not saying that it will, but I certainly hope it will. The 4S was pretty disappointing, if I do say so myself. Wow me Apple, or I'm going to start losing faith.

Meh, Apple might be a victim of it's own success. The problem is that they wow so much the first time, other manufactrers start adding other features with similar devices. For example, notifications came out on Android devices first. Apple comes out with it, its a 'copycat' and really isn't innovative. Really, the iPhone accomplished what it setout to do and really will have a hardtime 'wowing' us because there only so much a phone can do.After videos, MP3 players just really aren't upgradable.

I prefer the iPhone, but I hope Apple has more in store than the rumors of a longer screen and slightly modified frame. I also hope Apple has saved a few big features for iOS until the reveal this fall. Time will tell if Apple without Steve Jobs can still wow the fans. Speaking for millions, I sure hope they prove all of the nah-sayers wrong.

Why do so many android trolls like to post on the comments here. Do they really have nothing better to do with their time. I don't care that you love you android, and I don't care that you think we are all sheep. Just let us enjoy one article without you trying to bring us down, because your not secure about your OS.

It's not that we're fanboys, it's the ignorant comments in the article. Seriously, it's not a 'fair' comparison when there are no other phones as of yet?

This is an iPhone website. You should go to the android central website. They will have the bias reporting that will make you happy.

I am just getting tired of android fanboys coming here and pretending to be iPhone users, trolling our comments!

I sold my Razr because the screen was too big and battery life atrocious. For the life of me I can't understand why anyone would want a screen over 4", but that's just me.

I don't understand why anybody would want a screen larger than 4" either but, that said, Apple are going to have to do a whole lot better that just an elongated form factor.
The phone would look lopsided and I wouldn't go anywhere near it.
They could easily fit a 4" inch screen in the 4/4S form factor by reducing the size of the top and bottom bezels. The bottom would be a challenge though due to the round shape of the home button but the phone would remain in proportion and one handed use won't be affected too much.

New Iphone is def going to be sick. That's why IOS 6 were small uogrades. They know the phone is going to sell because of a new design. Then next year when they sell an upgraded "5S", they will focus on pushing more changes with iOS 7. Plus, they always have a little surprise that they don't announce until the phone is released; etc Facetime, Siri... What's it going to be this year??

Whatever screen size Android phones have, they all will suck because Android OS is bulky and unintuitive.
Galaxy S III, ha! It's all plastic body feels cheap in a hand, its Mail.app sucks and Android OS needs at least 12 cores and 10 GB of RAM just to run smoothly otherwise it lags.

You have obviously never handled a high end Android device before, the HTC One-X, Evo 4G LTE, Rezound,Vivid, One-S, along with the Motorola Droid Razr and Razr Maxx, Galaxy SII and Galaxy SIII which are just a few devices I can name off the top of my head dont lag at all. Dont act like Iphones are perfect, I have seen and Iphone 4s crash before and Ive seen them freeze a few times as well. If fluidity is your reason to go against Android then please do some research on the Android 4.0 platform before trying to critisize a non-existing problem. Even Windows a fluent System, fluidity is all but rsre today.

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You mean like the Samsunng phones that already use that feature. It seems as if Apple is just catching up to the competition everytime they update our phones. Bought the 4s thinking I had the latest greatest. Boy was I wrong. Competition has always spurred innovation. So come on Apple, make me want to buy the next generation because it is truly ground breaking new tech and not just because I like Apple. Oh, to all the people who say a bigger screen is the wrong direction. If we had the bigger screens first or more choices of screens we'd be the one's saying bigger is better. We have no other choices. I wish Apple made multiple models to choose from. Just my 2 cent rant!

I love the iPhone and my 4s, but must admit that ICS along with the galaxy s3 is nice.
The ios6 preview was disappointing and the rumors of the iPhone5 with the elongated screen are scary!
God - I hope they don't actually launch something that looks like that.
I checked out a friends S3 and liked the intuitive features - turn phone face down to mute calls, run your hand across the screen to take a screenshot, screen that doesn't dim while you are reading etc stuff that has practical appeal that I find apple falling behind on.
Hoping apple has some surprises stored that they will unveil when they launch the iPhone 5, else I might just want to consider windows 8, have had not so pleasant experiences with android in the past so am staying away from them.

I am a FAN of great design, great technology, but most important great synergies around integration of design and tech.
When I purchased the iPhone 3g ... nothing could touch it ... I even left Verizon Platinum/Premier subscriber to go to less performing (phone service) ATT to get a MUCH better device ... where I could concentrate all my daily functions on a single device. At that time it was not perfect, but a quantum to everything else out there ... my wife got the 3gs and I now have the 4s.
The Apple user experience from a service perspective and from a day to day perspective have been functionally very good. I like the modified BSD OS.
However time the user experience has been underwhelming in contrast to Android phones.
My issues are:
1. While a faster processor, screen is too small and I too can palm a basketball.
2. Dictation of Apple control over what apps to use ... as well as how to get them.
3. I have to jailbreak to enjoy some of the apps that SHOULD be on the phone.
4. No way to implement your own firewall software or your own encryption.
I do forsee the next iPhone to be multicore (maybe quad) ... not sure the screen will be significantly bigger.
On the Android side ... Google does not pre-validate apps ... a reactive approach to bogus apps.
This is not good.
However, I like taking control of my own security .. am familiar with BSD and Security and I could make an Android phone more secure than an iPhone ... IPhones can be easily hacked as well.
Wow ... this was windy ... just to say I am looking seriously what the new
Samsung or HTC quad-core offerings will produce ... I like taking more control of my data on the phone and unless I hack the iPhone, you have very little sec control on the iPhone.

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LMAO... We will beat them... you just wait 5 years and see.. cause, you know, Samsung wont do ANYTHING between now and then!!