In honor of Heartbleed, Agile Bits is offering a 50% discount on 1Password

1Password on iOS

This is a week where more people than usual are taking a look at their password security in the wake of the Heartbleed vulnerability being uncovered. To make sure people have the right tools to take passwords seriously, leading service 1Password has cut its prices in half temporarily.

That means the 1Password app on iOS is now just $8.99, and on the Mac it's going to set you back $24.99 for single license or $34.99 for a five-user "family license."

These are seriously useful apps if you want to get into the habit of using long and random passwords across apps and services, and now may be the best time to get on the right track.

Source: @1Password

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In honor of Heartbleed, Agile Bits is offering a 50% discount on 1Password


Thank you for purchasing, and supporting 1Password! Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do to make it right. support (at) agilebits (dot) com

Jasper Patterson
AgileBits Support

I like Lastpass more. For me it makes more sense since passwords are primarily used online and Lastpass has great extensions for all the browsers.

For the record, 1Password makes browser extensions too. I've only ever used the FireFox one, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Really? Well maybe I'll try it. I've been trying to keep a copy of all my passwords from Lastpass in my keychain as a backup, but that's a pain.

Yup. They definitely started it after LastPass did there's, so that's probably why you never knew they were there.

While price reduction is always welcome ; the heartbleed bug seem to be at website server level. Hackers can still access user credentials from login pages if the affected website has not been proactive at implementing a fix. What is urgently required is for companies to wake up, patch their servers and earn the confidence of their customers who trust their services.

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I've been interested in 1Password, but the price has always pulled me away. The discount at the moment seems reasonable, but it gets expensive for people who use multiple OSes. At the moment I'm only using a Windows desktop and an iPhone, but I'm likely to pick up a Nexus tablet this year so I can keep up with Android (just switched), and I'm going to be getting a Macbook some time this year also. So then I'm paying for the Windows version, Mac version, iOS version and the Android app just looks horrid. I really should just be paying a universal fee, not everything separately.

I think if you already have a single platform license, you can ask AgileBits to upgrade you to a multi platform license for just $20. $10 if you act now while the sale is on. Try emailing them and see.

Just got the Mac version from the App Store! So lucky to have gotten both iOS and OS X versions on sale. (got the iOS version when they had the 1Password 4 sale)

Umm, strange. Can you navigate to Settings > General > Usage. Check for the application version there and confirm. I have 4.3.2