Hootsuite Comes to iPhone, Brings Twitter and Statistics with it

Hootsuite [$1.99 on sale until Dec. 17 - iTunes link] is a hybrid client that not only provides basic Twitter functionality but also hooks into Hootsuite's own services to provide statistics (on things like ow.ly click-throughs) and scheduled tweets (so you can set it to tweet "Happy New Year!" while you're busy getting your champagne on).

In our brief tests, it offered good functionality especially for a first release, with an interesting take on many of the standards, and if you have (or are willing to create) a Hootsuite account as well, it brings a host of new features to the table.

(Though no, push notifications isn't one of them yet).

If you give it a try, let us know what you think (especially you, Bla1ze!). More screens after the break!

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Reader comments

Hootsuite Comes to iPhone, Brings Twitter and Statistics with it


So... I used the app for about five minutes and had three crashes. So far, I am not impressed. Should be more stable.

Lots of crashes here too, but all related to Geolocated tweets. Looks like they make the app fall over if they appear in any of your timelines, or lists. I tried contacting Hootsuite on twitter but it seems like it fell on deaf ears. Wonder if they've got a report a bug page...

You might want to try to report it to @Hootsuite_help - I think they are more responsive for support stuff on that account.

Hi all, as part of the HootSuite team, I can let you know that we are aware of the problem with the Geolocated tweets. A new update to fix this and a few other small things is already in the works. We will be constantly working to improve and update the iPhone app with great new features. If you have any feedback, requests or bugs, you can post at http://feedback.hootsuite.com or contact us on Twitter at @HootSuite_Help or @HootSuiteiPhone. We appreciate all the feedback and thanks for the great review!

So I've been playing with the new Hootsuite app for about 15 minutes now. I haven't had any crashes, but I did find a bug while viewing the public timeline. All the tweets disappeared and the timestamp said December 7, 1969 lol!
There are also a few common features that are missing. I could not find a nearby search, a user lookup, and you can't view your followers list. You also can't see who other people are following.
I will be sticking with my current twitter program which is Twittelator Pro. However, with a few features added and a bug fix here and there, this would be a very good twitter app. It looks beautiful, is easy to navigate, and so far seems to be pretty snappy. This is definitely one to watch for the future.