Hoping to get a Mac Pro soon? Plan on waiting until February!

Hoping to get a Mac Pro soon? Plan on waiting until February!

When Apple began accepting orders for the new Mac Pro earlier today, the company specified that orders accepted today would be ship by late December. But before too long that figure slipped. Now orders from the online Apple Store aren't expected to be delivered until February.

Most of Apple's manufacturing happens overseas, in facilities in China. But the Mac Pro is an exception - it's made in the U.S, in facilities in Austin, Texas. Estimated delivery schedules often adjust as Apple makes changes to its manufacturing line, so that may not be a final indication of when customers buying a new Mac Pro will actually get it, but clearly Apple's blown through its initial run.

It shouldn't be a surprise that buyers have snatched up the first available Mac Pros - the old aluminum Mac Pro was discontinued earlier this year, so there is some backlogged demand for the new machine.

Peter Cohen

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Rene Ritchie says:

Dagnabit! I wanted to wear one to CES as a hat!

Montgomery Gabrys says:

So it's not out this year. Gotcha.

asuperstarr says:

Wow! I want to use as my jet pack! I guess now I have to wait to see if the ground hound will see his shadow before.

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