House of Cards season 2 now available, fire up the Apple TV!

House of Cards

Today, February 14, is an important day for many of us; House of Cards season 2 is available on Netflix! As of 12.01am PST the entire 13 episode collection was pushed live to binge on at your leisure. What is our own preferred way to watch? Why, the Apple TV, of course!

The beauty of Netflix is that we are truly spoiled for choice on how we get our content. We love the Apple TV, but just as equally we can use our iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Google's Chromecast to get our fix. Whether you'll be watching it all in one marathon session, or spreading it out a little for maximum effect, let us know in the comments how you're going to enjoy the latest House of Cards.

And in the interest of fairness, let's keep it all spoiler free please folks!

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Reader comments

House of Cards season 2 now available, fire up the Apple TV!


It won't be until Monday before I get chance to devote some time to this, and I'm all probability it will be as many episodes as I can. Sleep? whats that?
I'll be watching it between my mac and iPad.

Oh happy day! I really enjoyed season one as it is extremely well done. Since Ill be getting divorced soon and still live with the (insert explicative here) I can binge watch till my eyes bleed via Apple TV 1 or 2 on the big screen where it belongs.

I hope the next ATV will allow providers to create apps as they wish to. On ATV (and the Xbox platforms) Netflix are required to conform to a standardised format. While that may sound sensible in theory, if the template is dull or limited (as it is on the ATV) then the end result benefits nobody.

Meanwhile on the Roku (3), PS3, and PS4, Netflix have been able to create a UI which not only works best for their service, but is visually far, far more interesting.

For another example of a UI perfect for the provider it serves, try MUBI on the iPad (or Samsung Smart TVs). It's beautiful. and I'd hate to lose that just so the service could run on an ATV or Xbox One.

Using all the above options you mentioned as time allows (iphone, ipad, mac, Apple TV, pc and chromecast) Love the flexibility and portability options!

iTunes only has up to ep 18 of season 2 available . Can anyone tell me when the rest will be online? Wait is killing me