How are you liking iOS 7? [Poll]

How are you liking iOS 7? [Poll]

iOS 7 has been out for a few days now - read our complete iOS 7 review and, as always, reaction has been not only off the charts, but all over the map. Cliché collisions notwithstanding, for many people it's been the cleaner, more grown up iOS refresh they've been waiting for. For others, it's been an unwelcome and disturbing change from what they were used to. There have been bugs too, as there always are in new software releases, but plenty of bug fixes as well. Also, while new devices like iPhone 5s/5c/5 and iPad 4 positively fly, older devices like iPhone 4 and iPad 3 - Retina taxed as they are - tend to chug more.

It's early days, to be sure. Apple will continue to improve it. iOS 7.0.1 is already out for the iPhone 5s and iOS 7.1 is already in the works. We'll also get better used to it over time, as new muscle memory and habits replace old.

There are a lot of people, celebrities, mainstream media, and tech link-baiters alike writing a lot of terribly uninformed, downright shameful stuff about iOS 7 in order to grab a little extra attention and prey on everyone's change aversion and fears. But there are also many legitimate concerns about design and implementation, about bugs and problem features. We expressed a lot of them ourselves, in our iOS 7 review, in our iOS 7 podcast, and in our Mobile Nations and iMore iOS 7 roundtable.

But we're only a few. You are legion. So we want to know what you think. Past adulation, beyond condemnation, how has iOS 7 been working for you so far? Vote in the poll up top and give me your detailed thoughts in the comments below!

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How are you liking iOS 7? [Poll]


Kind of jarring at first, but runs well on my 4S and iPad 3. Will continue to get used to it. Love the new features and layout though.

I used to absolutely love using my ipad 3 but since the update it has in my opinion made the device absolutely horrible to use with its slowness and glitches i mean i don't know if it is the same for anyone else but it can take an eternity to change wallpapers. Whats that all about ? One thing is for sure if i could go back then i 100 percent would, The user experience in ios 6 was flawless.

Refreshing, clean, light. It reflects the digital truth of modern devices: the light emanates from the screen, not from an imaginary light source behind the user's head. No phony drop shadows, no shiny fake glass buttons, no wasted effort making photorealistic icons.

A welcome change from the heavy-handed graphics of all previous iOS releases. iOS 7 doesn't compete with your content. It presents it to you with respect and deference.

"no wasted effort making photorealistic icons"...
I'd just shorten that to say... "no effort making icons"

GREAT features.... Awful design though. Hate the lazy mess that Jonnhy I've is trying to pass off. Neon colours against white is just tacky and horrible.

I've said elswhere I do like minimal and it can be classy....this isn't

What an excuse! Photorealism was what make it so rich and classy. Thank God I still have my leather calendar on the iMac... the new one sucks I can't even SEE the damned thing!

Really liking it, & it's been great to see the changes/improvements throughout the beats. My iPad (3rd gen) runs nicely - the only quirk I've had is when it freezing while in settings & closing the app.

My iPhone 5 though..... Battery life is woeful. Even with a clean install & turing off motion, bluetooth, push, etc etc (have done all the battery conserving things), a charge, with normal usage, will last me 6-8 hours if I'm lucky. The calibration is also a bit all over the show. I've had times where it's skipped from 32% straight down to 16%, battery life ending at 12% (more than a few occasions), & today it getting to 1% & being on that for nearly an hour (with use).

Bar those quirks, I'm loving the design, look & feel!

Make sure that you don't have apps running in the background, especially ones that are set in the preferences to execute while in the background. That will really drain your battery. If that doesn't help, also try rebooting your phone. About once every 3 or 4 months, my phone for some reason will just start burning through battery like crazy. In a few hours it will be dead if I don't notice it. Rebooting the phone fixes it for me. I have no idea why it does that. I've seen it on my old 3G as well as my daughter's 4s and now it happens on my 5.

Yeah, turned off background app refreshing straight away, along with everything else. Also done numerous reboots, & still no improvement. Very strange & annoying.

Maybe your phone battery is pooched. Within my iPhone 5 on iOS 7... this morning I got up and played Bejewelled Blitz for about 20 minutes, read through my Twitter feed then noticed that I had 22 app updates available. Updated them all which took quite a while... and my phone is now sitting at 85% at noon, 4 hours after I unplugged it from my charger.

In the nicest possible way - I hate you! :-P ........ Don't think there's an physical battery issue as I never had this problem before iOS 7. Will do another clean install in the week & if no luck I may have to look at ordering a 5s for when I'm back in the UK in November.

Haha. And just so you hate me more... it is now just about 6 pm. I was out shopping with my wife this afternoon and haven't done much with the phone. But it was bright outside so I had to crank the brightness up considerably (which does eat the battery). I did maybe 5 or 6 texts, checked the time 2 or 3 times and spent less than 5 mins when my wife ran into a friend in the store and I thought there would be time to look at Twitter. I'm still sitting at 81% charge. As Cordell_Carter said below, perhaps a trip to the Apple Store to have them check out your phone is in order.

Damn you! .... Unfortunately, I recently moved to Finland & they don't have any Apple stores here - just resellers. & from my investigations so far, none of them can do diagnostics. Might be back home in the UK in a month or two, so might just stick it out until then & visit one in London.

I second Steve-O´s every remark regarding the iPhone5. I now carry my external backup battery-packs (2500 mAH and 11000 mAH) with me all the time. Wasn´t necessary before except when travelling.
Big Folders are great, nested ones will hopefully be one of the 200 improvements of iOS 7.1. (Why the hell not of iOS 1?)

I began to see noticeable battery life issues with my iPhone 5 pre-iOS 7 about 3 months ago. I experienced a similar "battery skip" issue the day before I installed iOS 7, so it may be the hardware and not the OS. I'm taking my phone to the Genius Bar to check it out since it's happened in the past and the 1 year warranty is just about up.

Run your battery as low as possible twice in a row, down to single digit levels. That should fix battery calibration. I had to do that with a 4S that developed horrible battery life for no good reason.

Done this numerous times already & no luck, as well as full battery discharge/recharges. Will live with it for a couple of months until I'm back home in the UK & will get it looked at by Apple.

Love it but it's raping my battery on ip5 plus my girlfriends charger lead not working since update, it's the original one

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I'm not liking having to put in a pass code every time I unlock. I'm sure it's just a setting but I haven't looked yet. And then the double tap home screen button effect is hard to get used to. There should be a way to quit all programs sort of like a reset. Just my humble opinion. FYI iPhone 4S was my first smartphone. I may not see how improved iOS has been since conception.

Passcode setting are under Settings > General so you can turn it off our change the auto lock time etc. Rene's iOS 7 review (linked in this article) would be of great benefit for learning new features.

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I like it, it's clean, fresh etc but am having problems with finding stuff on the lock screen. I'll get used to it eventually but I HATE the colour schemes and will not get used to THEM! Who thought bright red, turquoise and white would be a good combination mixed in with leaf green? Yuk. Must be a retro thing. Hopefully Apple will one day trust us to choose colour schemes for ourselves.

I believe that if you change your wallpaper, the colour scheme will change. Just try switching your wallpaper...

I had to switch to a solid dark gray background wallpaper. This results in a single medium gray background for folders and I can visually distinguish all the icons. The colors of the icons all blurred together when i tried to use a photo as the wallpaper.

Horrible! And Apple used to be the leader for human interface guidelines, ease of use and all that.. now they are cheap, hurried look of a PC that no one really thought about.


I think the colour schemes are dependent on the wallpaper you have chosen. I know that my daughter's colours are totally different to mine. The passcode colours relate to the lock screen wallpaper and the folder icon colour to the home screen wallpaper.

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I like the look, but it is unbearably slow on my iPhone4. I'm going back to ios6 for now. I think they allowed it on the iPhone 4 just to make us want a faster phone...and it's working...

Dude its not unbearable. Its just not as zippy. If you are only talking about game, ignore my comments as that is not what I care about.

I like a lot about it, but really hate that they've removed the highlights on days with items on on the year view calendar (on iPad). That was such a useful feature - I keep different calendars for different purposes, social, holiday, work etc and just showing one of these with the year view gave a great overview.

I presume that I haven't made a mistake and this is buried in a setting somewhere?

Please bring this feature back in 7.x Apple! A big loss!

iOS 7 runs fangasmically well on my iPod touch 5. My iPad 3 struggles at times, but it runs far better than I expected.

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I really love, except a few things which drive me batty. I'm so not down with auto update of apps. No big deal, toggle that off. But why in the world won't the updated apps go away from the App Store update page once they have finished updating. This is a major annoyance. Weather center had to be loaded into the notification page, and it looks like crap and gives the barest minimum information. Why do the app folders have to wrap to a page 2? Why can't the folder expand to show all of it's contents? That's all. :)

Totally enamored with it. I'm not planning on upgrading my iPhone 5 anytime soon, and iOS 7 makes me feel like I have a brand new phone! Great job, Apple!

I ran the gamut of emotion on iOS7. From hating it during the early previews (omg ugly icons!!) to being curious as the betas were getting better. Then to apprehension when first updating and dabbling. Then to loving it when I got my 5S. Now I cant imagine going back to 6.

Why did they complicate every function? Why so butt ugly? My eyes were not intended to see things with no depth. Apple is supposed to be pretty and it isn't anymore. I hate it.

Try rebooting your phone (power off and back on again). I had some strange issues after the update and after rebooting my phone, the problems just fixed themselves.

I love it on the whole but folders should hold another row of icons and have transparency.

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Being able to put more than 12 items in a folder and swipe through multiple pages is great, but would like to have 12 items per page instead of 9.

Id rather put what I want on a page and scroll it all. So.. I have 20 items. Not sure big deal unless there is a memory issues with maintaining an array of app names? Don't know.

Turns out the folder transparency is lost if you set 'increase contrast' in the accessibility options. Avoid!

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i love it but it is extremely slow on my iPod touch so far. one of the tings i loved about previous versions like 6 was its smoothness.

I feel like the smooth animation when you power on the phone is kinda slow like when you wake it from sleep. Am I alone on that?

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Why doesn't the color show through the control center on iPad? Also disappointed safari on iPad doesn't have the same features as iPhone.

I have been really happy with my experience so far (with iOS 7 on my iPhone 4S)... I have been trying my best to go through all available books and crannies to discover every little thing about iOS 7...

It's cleaner, seems to be far more efficient. I really love all the little animations that help provide contextual awareness about where I've been and now going.

I love the new text and alert tones. Parallax (which I think is putting the hurt on my battery performance) is fun. I love the new app switching, although I still want the ability to close all open apps running in the background at one time.

... I would like it if the band at the bottom of the screen and the folder backgrounds were less visible. They tend to provide too stark a contrast against wallpapers (IMO)... Also, I wanted improved parental controls [passcode on opening "Settings"] and the ability to reclaim the storage space held hostage by apps' "Documents and Data" - especially apps like weather and news apps (which I believe don't need to hold onto data older than a week minimum).

All in all, I have been very pleased with iOS 7. My iPhone 4S is a brand new phone again!

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First impression where bad (mostly visual). After a few days, I very much like iOS7. So much so my initial impressions seem very trivial and regrettable. My iPhone 4 feels new. Cant wait for my 5s (personal) & 5c (for development).

I quite like 7. Took me a little bit to get used to it and figure out where some stuff had moved. But after reading a few articles online which highlighted the new features, where stuff had moved, etc... I'm really liking it. My favourite so far is the control center. I no longer have a reason to jailbreak and put SBSettings on my phone!

I'm liking it, except the music app. I use iTunes match to sync/download albums and it's a pita to delete albums, and quite often deleting a song crashes the app.... you also need to delete each song individually, which results in a lot of crashes.... I love the swipe to go back forward tho...

Very buggy and slow on my 4S. Also most the apps I used religiously are pretty screwed up now too after becoming iOS7 compatible.

Video app sucks for me. no longer keeps my movies all together like it used to, and no longer tells me what hasn't been played and doesn't go to q when finished with one video like it used to. I now have to tap a ton more to watch the next thing in line.

The only annoying bug I have found is that 3rd-party music apps still see every song you've ever downloaded, even if the iOS' settings are set to OFF.

Have a call into AT&T. Have been on wifi with new 5S for most of last 36 hours and have used nearly 3 GB. I never use that much in a whole month, let alone 1 day. May have a new data/wifi issue with the new phone and their New TCP configuration. Seems it's billing data usage on wifi.

Obv gonna take some getting used to visually, but no complaints (except for the loss of "QUICK TWEET" up top, used it soooo much!!!). So far it runs pretty damn smooth on my 4s & 5th gen ipod......but the real joy is on my iPad Mini!!! Seems to have increased battery life dramatically & def seems quite a bit snappier too. Haven't even turned off any UI/UX enhancements (motion/movement/background refresh/etc....) that people are saying bork their devices when enabled. I never used live wallpapers back in my Android days & have no desire to use 'em in iOS either, so that's really the only addition I don't use on any device. Very happy with it overall & can see where Apple is going design-wise with this OS makeover.

Echoing the general sentiments - the folder background and the bottom dock bar opacity is a generic fail in an otherwise improved OS...

What was Ivey and team thinking when they tested it for 6 months that they didn't pick up the general annoyance that people have in a day ?

Love the iMore review of the iOS 7

Praying for 7.1 improvements...

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Very slick-BUT MY 40+ eyes can't see the time as easily and same with the date on the calendar icon. So bummed. I didn't realize how often I glanced down since I dumped my watch for my iPhone. Any way to switch up Helvetica Neue?

It's great, once you set bold display text on in Accessibility, compensates for the new too-thin display fonts.

The only thing I don't like is what they've done to Reminders on the iPhone. The headings between different services (iCloud, Exchange,, etc) are gone -- all lists are shown as 1 grouping, and in no particular order. The headings remain on the iPad, so that's fine, but they sort of ruined it on the iPhone.

Has any one been able to put custom ringtones back on their iPhone yet? I bought the 5s. Restored from my 4s and now can't seem to figure the this out:(

I'm really liking iOS 7 for the most part except for two issues. First, on my iPad 2, there's a lag with certain tasks like switching between apps. It's not unbearable and somewhat expected given the vintage of my hardware, but it's interesting because other tasks like surfing in Safari and playing media feel faster than ever.

Second, on both the iPhone 5 and iPad 2, I'm really hating Notification Center except for the Today screen. Apple still has a ways to go with this; Windows Phone has by far the best implementation of notifications that you can interpret at a glance. First, I don't want to see every freakin' app notification and have to scroll through them every time I wake my phone - ala iOS 6. Second, is this information dribble any different than the "ALL" tab? There ideally should be some way to summarize all notifications on the wake screen (I.e., Today - 20 items due/10 Missed/30 total) and/or just display today's items. I do like that you can dismiss your to-do items, however.

At this point I'm pretty much loving it. Only a couple of issues. Battery life is not one of them. In fact I seem to be getting better battery life. I would love to be able to disable cellular data for app updates without disabling it for downloading music from iTunes Match. Also, I do get an error when charging with a lightning cable purchased from iMore, but it still charges ok. Never got the error prior to the update.

Fairly satisfied with iOS7. Do not like the Safari and Settings icons! Some pages have too much white space. I totally dislike the skinny fonts (68+ years old eyes) and the wallpapers.
Love the speedier operation (or the perception thereof).

Hated it on my 4S, got 5S yesterday and like it much more, but still getting used to it. Overall, I love the functionality, but on the 4S the animations were making me dizzy and wanting to vomit!!!

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I updated my iPad Mini. There are some lag issues here and there. Overall, I really enjoy the visuals of it. Had to make the font a bit larger and bold so it is easier to see on my non-Retina display, but they give you the option to. Unlike a some people, I really love bright colours, so iOS 7 is great. I love the iPhone c colours as well. I think Ive also likes bright colours as well. I am glad for that.

Why did they dumb down the quitting process? Before you could quit by pressing on the red dots. Now, some butt ugly BOX comes up and who knew what to do with that? Disgusting and not up to Apple's quality.. Shame... what am I going to do? I have to work online 16 hours per day and now I dread it.

iOS 7 has removed the dictation microphone from my iPhone 4S. Also, neither my iPad and iphone syncs to my iTunes the way it did before the update. I like it though, maybe Apple will work the kinks out very soon.

I'm liking iOS 7 so far. I like the look and operation of it. The pictures did it no justice, you just have to see it for yourself. Very nice I must say.

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I absolutely love it!!!! I had every iPhone since the very first one. It was definitely time for something new!!! Some ppl don't like change but iOS 7 is here to stay so they better get with it or go somewhere else!!

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A few things I don't like about it. The big one is folders and how they only show 9 apps at a time, even on the iPad. Having more than one page is nice but reducing the number of visible apps means more steps to select an app.

I find that on my iPhone 4 it isn't as responsive to swiping on the touchscreen, especially trying to get the control centre up or with toggles.

I hate that you can't play podcasts in the Music app anymore. I dislike the behaviour of the Podcasts app.

I purchased a 5s. Installed on my iPad mini and my wife's 5. So far I really love 7. Even my wife who hates change is starting to like it. The Safari upgrade is great. I have used Airdrop and love it. The only negative for me is Calendar on the iPhone. I miss being able to see the entire month with a snippet of events below each day. It is there for the mini.

iOS 7 Rendered my iPhone 4S useless. With everything shut off it burns my battery in a few hours. Without using it, it is down from full to 10% in 5 hours. NOT USING IT !! EVERYTHING TURNED OFF! Apple I hate you.

Haven't had a chance to read thru all of the comments, but does anyone else absolutely HATE Safari?
It's slower, less intuitive, and ugly from the icon to the Rolodex.
And the swooping animations were cool for the first day, but now they just take too much time.
Battery life has been terrible on my 5 for a while now, but 7 certainly doesn't help. And you'd think it would. You'd think that with all of the focus in Mavericks on battery life, they'd think about it on, say, a phone.
Overall, it's not a great update. Liking it less and less as time goes on. Boo.

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I love it! iOS 7 is a much needed change for iOS. I will miss the old look it was great, but what we have now is much better. Some people do like the colors, but the colors are based upon the colors in you background. A lot of the problems people are having are do to the fact that they don't know how iOS 7 works. Some people are having battery issue which I am not. I have an old iPhone 4 and it is faster and has much better battery life now. I did change a few things in my setting to help with this. I only have have my brightness turn 1/4 of the way up, but I have always done this with every phone I have had. As I have posted on Facebook IOS 7 is the bomb!

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Loving all the changes except battery-life issues. Am experimenting with turning off suspect features for the time being. Acid Freecell HD won't start up but that is the only app that I have that broke.

iTunes Radio is awesome. The sound quality is so much better than any like service, and the selection too. This is the single biggest win. My iPhone 5 is only 3months old and there's no way I'm trading up this go roung. Two years will be the soonest for me as I buy mine unlocked. My big decision this year is new fully loaded iMac or Mac Pro. Which will give me the most bang for about 4K USD?

Made my iPad mini unusable, taking nearly a minute to register each key press!

In the end I reset my settings (NOT DATA!) and that fixed it...

Hate it. It's very ugly.
I also don't understand why they completely redesign the entire operating system when it just got a facelift in iOS 6.
Let's start with the lock screen. The numbers are hard to read since they're so skinny and white. I don't like the fact that you can't slide the individual app icon to launch into the app anymore. I also HATE how the wallpaper turns an ugly blurred color when you get a notification. The album art has shrunken while music is playing (and I am not a fan of that). I don't like the 'borderless' design; it feels cluttered and disorganized somehow. You wouldn't expect that from Apple...I like having a defined slider and clock.

The icons. The aesthetics are terrible. The colors are very neon-themed and hard to look at. They clash. The camera app, for example, was fine the way it was. So were the rest of them. Flat is not very appealing. That goes for the entire operating system. I like the glassy buttons from iOS 6 and earlier; it felt like you were actually pushing them, not just tapping at glass.. There was nothing wrong with the design of iOS 6. Why change it? The folders need to show more icons. The whole idea of making things more spaced out is ridiculous. If you have a big screen, use it. I like having shadows on the screen. It makes the icons feel more real and clickable. It helped make it feel inviting and calm. No shadow along with the flat design of the icons makes for an unpleasant viewing experience. The text under the icons is only white. On a white background, that's hard to see. in iOS 6 and earlier, they had a black border, making them easier to read. Apple needs to keep accessibility and readability in mind. One of my relatives is only in their forties and has a lot of trouble reading the screens in iOS. Why is thin text becoming so popular? It's hard to read and ugly. Thicker fonts are nice too. I don't know why the world is obsessed with "thinner" and "lighter" - the iPhone 5 is so thin and light it just about tips out of your hand. Why does it need to be so thin and light? Nothing wrong with a little bulk. Also, the whole moving icon/parallax thing is annoying. Yes, I know you can turn it off, but why have a pointless feature? This isn't Samsung for crying out loud (let's not forget that their '16 GB' model of the Galaxy S4 only has 8 GB free - the rest of it bloatware and unnecessary features).

Menus. White is hard on the eyes, so why put it everywhere? The blue-gray was perfect: it was a good color, easy on the eyes, and easy to have contrast with the buttons. White blends in with white, making it harder to differentiate, making things feel more cluttered. The white title bar does the same thing: creates a sense of expansion, making it feel more cluttered. When you combine colors that compliment each other, you create a frame and a comfortable yet defined border. When you combine white with white, it makes it feel unending and cluttered. The use of shadows and outlines helps make it calmer and defined. Also, transparency under the white menu bars and Safari title bar makes it more cluttered as well. You can hardly tell when a tab is selected in the tab bar except for the blue or pink color. There was nothing wrong with the tabs in earlier versions of iOS. What I'm saying is a gradient won't kill anyone and will help make iOS feel more inviting.

Transparency in Siri, Notification Center, and Control Center. They should add a panic button to the control center, because it feels very cluttered (and it's called the control center...)! See-through menus make things feel cluttered as yet another menu is added on top of another cluttered menu. I loved the simplicity of the gray stitching in iOS 4-6. RIP, gray stitching. It made the user feel like they were in the app: when they were talking to Siri, they were only with Siri. Now, it makes Siri feel like more of a background app since you can see through her! Same thing with the notification center. It feels cluttered and non-exclusive. Bring this design back. Add multiple options for this 'background menu' design, for all I care. Not that Apple would have 'options' or 'personalization' settings. One of my family members complained about not being able to add just a clock (one that they could actually read) to their home screen. That's one place where Android's gotcha.

These are just few of my complaints. I could go on for hours going through individual apps, (like how in music, instead of the shuffle icon and the repeat icon, it literally says "Shuffle" and "Repeat." Really? Really?!? Wouldn't the icons be so much easier and nicer!? That's actually one of my biggest complaints!) but you get the gist. The flat design and removal of buttons (That's another thing! With no border and different color of the button, you can barely tell it's a button! How about make a backwards arrow instead of just the word "Back"? Think smarter, not harder, Apple) had kind of killed iOS for me. Sticking to earlier versions of iOS, then finding another mobile operating system when it comes time to get a new phone.

Read my pre-release comment here (give it a minute to scroll to the comment):

I hope the dumbos at Apple are reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are losing more and more customers who chose Apple for it's visual elegance which is lost and GONE GONE GONE with this crap iOS 7. :(

I absolutely hate the fact that I have to edit every podcast to make it looks like something else just so I can listen to my podcasts together with my music. The music app used to be a fairly friendly beast, but someone somewhere decided that I do not really want to be able to put in a mix of music and current affairs podcasts in a playlist together and listen to them in an order I like. They also seem to have decided that a multi-part podcast (three 1-hour segments) should be listened to in reverse order. It's just nuts and there's been no comment or justification for this absurd choice from Apple.

I am having trouble adjusting to the 'paleness' if the icons and the headers on Safari. I'm in the elderly category so good contrast is helpful to my vision and I don't like the loss of contrast.

I HATE the way Safari presents search results. I HATE the loss of Image scrolling.

I'd go back in a heartbeat.

I gave the phone up. I had an iPhone4S with ATT. I was not looking forward to the upgrade to iOS7 because of the colours and saw my fears come true. I was not impressed going to 2D with a "an exiting new pallet of colours". So I bought a Z10 which looks and acts like something for business (even if some say its a dead horse) and gave up the iPhone. I have a phone with apps I need and a keyboard that works better on screen than Apple had. Disappointed in Apple. I have used Apple products since 1994 against all currents. Will limit my support now.

Ugh! Many simple tasks were replaced by more & more complicated key strokes. For example, repeat song used to be a tap, now it's a tap & select repeat song, search was left swipe, now down swipe from second row. We used to be able to double click & swipe left to both view music controls & our active app, now an up flip obscures the current app, Siri never said it can't do anything & wait till later, now this happens regularly, I used to be able to name a regular playlist A1 & have it show up at the top, now all custom playlists show up way down. I'd say Siri play playlist, but alas half the time it doesn't work anymore. I hate the newer find iphone app I was finally forced to accept, because it doesn't permit you to update the location on command & I can't send a message like douche bag give me my phone back I'm at 556-555-5555. Or
Come home you idiot!!!

I have been using macs for longer than some of you have been alive. And I cannot believe what they did to the iOS.

Ugly, hard to use, and at my age, hard to SEE. Ruined the iPad, and I no longer love the look and feel of Apple. I might as well do as manyothers, just buy some cheap PC. Why pay more for tacky?

I think you need to fire Tim Cook and that Jony Ive character for ruining Apple's trademark ease of use. The GUI guidelines are that no human eye was intended to see unshaded things.

It's really a shame. Apple is dead. I also just sold $500K stock in Apple.. bye bye...

I have been using macs for longer than some of you have been alive. And I cannot believe what they did to the iOS.

Ugly, hard to use, and at my age, hard to SEE. Ruined the iPad, and I no longer love the look and feel of Apple. I might as well do as manyothers, just buy some cheap PC. Why pay more for tacky?

I think you need to fire Tim Cook and that Jony Ive character for ruining Apple's trademark ease of use. The GUI guidelines are that no human eye was intended to see unshaded things.

It's really a shame. Apple is dead. I also just sold $500K stock in Apple.. bye bye...

I agree , I NO longer want my I phone , or I pad , or my MAC , because of the IOS7 update !!
It is in my opinion the worst and most horrible thing ever created by APPLE ! , at my age, and I'm only 45 , I can't see the screen, plus forget the calendar , nor the reminders, cause it's all white, and the options buttons, are all the way at the bottom, which are shaded, in a very light blue, which if you are color blind, FORGET IT ! , IT IS HORRIBLE , disgusting ! , and I will be TRADING IN MY IPHONE FOR , A SAMSUNG ! , WHICH IS NOW THE MOST POPULAR , AND HAS features, like talk to text, and scroll text , and a whole lot of other things , that apple no LONGER PROVIDES ! They HAVE NOT EVEN TRIED TO COMPETE WITH SAMSUNG , ON THESE NEW OPTIONS, WHICH IS VERY HANDY, WHEN YOU HAVE PROBLEMS TEXTING, I WISH I COULD JUST TALK AND HAVE IT WRITE IT OUT FOR ME, IN A TEXT, OR SCROLL WITH ONE FINGER OVER THE LETTERS, TO COMPLETE WORDS ! , BUT NO ! APPLE DOESN'T CARE ANYMORE SINCE STEVE PASSED AWAY ! , ITS A SHAME, AND ITS SAD !

I just agreed with you in my comment below, It is a shame , and disgusting !, they have ruined the company ! ,,,, If Steve was still alive , he would not have stood for this ! Again, I'm already getting a samsung phone , and will be looking at the flip ,,, ipad / computer, for windows . They ( APPLE ). Are. Going down hill , and will soon loose everything they have, and it's a shame, Cause they were so great ! , when Steve was in control ! :-(.

I lost the mic when recording video as soon as I went to IOS 7 on my Ipad2, and not only can Apple Support not help me online, (2 frustrating calls), neither can Genius tech support at the store. What really irks me is that they try to blame the user for their IOS bugs and had the balls to suggest a $249 plan. I have numerous Apple devices now, and am so disgusted that, unless there is a meaningful apology/ remedy, I will never purchase another Apple product

They really should get rid of that stupid band or set or how u call it going across the screen where you put apps....It's rly ugly and ruins the beauty of the new design...