How big would your perfect iPhone be? [Poll]

Generally speaking, the size of smartphones is still increasing, so how big would your perfect iPhone be? We're talking hardware today on Talk Mobile, and one of the most noticeable parts of the spec race is display size. Until the iPhone 5 came along, we had just one choice, the 3.5-inch display, on whichever variant of the iPhone we decided to use. The iPhone 5 changed all that, and for the first time the display size increased. But, it only increased as far as 4-inches, and at launch competing smartphones were hitting the market with 4.7-inch and above displays.

By contrast, Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S4 Mini, with a 4.3-inch display. A larger display than the iPhone 5, yet is marketed as a mini phone. At the extreme opposite end of the scale, Sony has just announced the Xperia Z Ultra, a whopping 6.4-inch device that is still technically a smartphone. Tim Cook said back in April that Apple would not make a larger screen iPhone while trade-offs still exist, but hasn't explicitly ruled it out for the future. So, how big would you want it to go? Drop your vote in the poll up top, but be sure to tell us why you chose that way. Personally, 4.3-inches would be the sweet spot, but what would you like? A little larger? A lot larger? Sound off in the comments below!

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How big would your perfect iPhone be? [Poll]


Here are my thoughts......

Until recently, I absolutely wanted as big an iPhone as possible. As I age (I'm 47), my eyes just aren't what they used to be. I wanted more real estate to potentially ease the strain.

But I got an iPad mini for my birthday in May and my "need" for a bigger iPhone is less. I still want a bigger phone, but ill survive without....

I've had a Droid X and an HTC Rezound both at 4.3 inches. This size is great. I'm using an IPhone 4 right now and the only thing I miss is the screen size I had on Android. 4.3 is great given the bezel sizes and thinness of today's phones makes 4.3 a great size even if they left the resolution the same.

I like the rumors of 4.0 - 4.7 - 5.7. A little something for everyone. The days of one size fits all don't work anymore.

I agree but as a developer, I appreciate the minimal sizes. 3.5 for the old iPhones, 4 for the iPhone 5, and two tablet sizes. Not too bad.

hmm, I have both a work Samsung 4s and a personal iPhone4 (waiting for a 5s). The Samsung is a perfect Phablet when browsing and sitting with it but on the go, its too big. With one hand I can't touch my fingers so when wanting to hit the mic to browse for something Im clicking on all kinds of things. So I confess I like the 4s size but its a bit large and using Android is definitely a step down from the iOS Im am use to. Argue if you want but this is about what I think (experience everyday as a 5'6" guy). Like others have stated, 4.7" would be my sweet spot.

3.5-4" is my sweet spot. Maybe they could make an iPad ultra mini with voice service for those who like phablets or tablones. I'll stick with a convenient to carry 3.5-4" iPhone though. 4.3 would be pushing it unless the screen went edge to edge with no bezel... Then I'd be worried about breaking the damn thing, not to mention cases would be awkward.

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Same screen, less bezel would be fine. The chamfering provides enough friction to hold the iPhone by the edge without dropping it. So the lengthwise bezel isn't really all that useful.

I think there's some kind of technical issue with LCD panels and how they're cut out of larger sheets that makes it difficult or impossible to totally eliminate the black area surrounding the visible screen. At least with current-generation LCD technology. So it might be hard to make the bezel much narrower. Fingers crossed.

They missed their mark with iPhone 5 and that's arguable but true nevertheless.

It's a combination of hardware design and iOS that gives the visual uniqueness to the phone and since not much has changed in the facade it still looks pretty much the same.

I like the idea of physical dimensions not too bigger than the current phone.
Maybe if couple things are altered, we could all be happy.
1. Change the width by 1/4" or so.
2. Find a way to remedy the top and the bottom bezel area that houses the home button and earphone.The big fat black chunks of nothing makes the phone look outdated along with the home screen app icon visual style.

The challenge lies in the latter where they need to remedy the home button at bottom and earphone, sensor and camera at the top.

Who knows, patents like earphones/speakers/ camera housed under a screen and capacitive home buttons etc might just be the design overhaul needed to reignite the senses.

Otherwise it's just the same old same old just bigger and clunkier.

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You'll only see a larger screen on the iPhone when Apple have come up with some spin to convince the fanboys that it's their innovation! LOL

Right... but you don't think they just randomly made the screen 1136px tall and were pleasantly surprised when it happened to be 16:9.... do you?

No... it was definitely a conscious effort to go to 16:9... it was no accident.

Considering the pixel-perfect nature of Apple's design... they were obviously shooting for a specific aspect ratio and a certain number of pixels.

It was the only thing they could do without everyone saying "oh look it's the same size as an Android". I can't remember Cook's exact words at the reveal, but I can remember laughing at something akin to "and you can still reach the far side of the screen with your thumb. And that's what our customers told us was important to them"

Yes... I know they increased the screen size.

My point is... was it a happy accident that the new screen is exactly 16:9 ?

I'm thinking that was the plan from the start.

Going forward... iPhone and iPod Touch will be 16:9. And if they eventually make a bigger screen... it, too, will be 16:9

I would love to see a 4.5" screen at a minimum. The 4" screen of the iPhone 5 is great for now, but I want a bigger display.

After having every iPhone since the product first launched, I recently gave Android (via a Samsung Galaxy S4) a whirl. The larger screen was, hands down, my favorite part of the experience. The phone still fit in my pocket, just fine. And my thumb wasn't injured by having to reach across the wider display.

Apple is falling behind the curve unless it steps up and figures out a way to offer a 5" phone (perhaps along with a smaller phone).

Do you not think though, on Android, the screen size is becoming synonymous with what part of the range it sits in? Big screen = high end, smaller screen = entry level? The SGS4 isn't the worst offender (try holding an Xperia Z, it's a 5-inch block) for feeling massive, but wouldn't it be great to have awesome specs and the choice of a smaller screen too?

Oh, I agree. I think it's all about choice. I realize there are engineering issues with scaling up (or down) an OS. I just believe Apple needs to offer a choice -- smaller and larger (although hopefully not so big as to move to the phablet category, which, for me, goes too far).

Always used to think 3.5 was perfect but then the iPhone 5 came out & I got used to the size & now I also have a mophie juice pack helium case on which increases the size even more. I now find my iPhone 5 feels small when I take the case off which makes me wonder if the overall phone size was the same size as when in the case & the screen was bigger I actually think I'd prefer it.

I found out something that could work. Look at the back of the iPhone 5. Pretend that that would be the design for the iP6.

I find 4 inches to be a little too big. I have to move my hand up or down depending where on the screen I want to touch. If I want to use only one hand, anything more than 4 inches would be way too big. So it shouldn't get any bigger than it currently is.

In my opinion, the current size should stay. The screen can easily grow edge to edge to a larger 4.5 with a newer design and removal of the physical button with the rumoured finger-print scanner. Well, who knows!

iPhone 5 screen is great. I would like to see a 4.2 or 4.3 inch screen.

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Come on people, the current iphone might be perfect for some, but alot of us want a larger screen, if only to surf the internet. Apple better smarten up soon before the market passes them by.

I am torn. I have iP5. A part of me would like to go back to the 3.5" display, but with updated specs of course. That has seemed to me to be the ideal size for using in one hand. On the other hand, I really like looking at the bigger displays(4.5-5"). There's always something to sacrifice I suppose; hand for an eye or an eye for a hand. Apple could make both and call one eyePhone, and the other handPhone :p
The world of smartphones is absolutely amazing. I think many people these days keep better track of their phones than their keys and wallets. It would be nice to somehow put both of those things into our phones and just carry that one tool :) That way we make room in our pockets or purses for the bigger displays.

iPhone must be at least available in different sizes so that any one cay buy according to his requirements and needs. According to me the best iPhone size must be 4.5 inches. I see a complete comparison of iPhone size at here here author compared the Samsung Galaxy S4 with iPhone 5 and we have also seen the one of the reason behind the success of galaxy is its size and camera.