How to export your iWork for iCloud files for compatibility with Microsoft Office

When it comes to desktop publishing, Microsoft Office has long been the staple, the standard in the space. Apple's iWork suite allows you to export your files to be compatible with Microsoft Office, and this has now extended to the newly opened up iWork for iCloud beta. While files may naturally save in Apple's native format, getting an Office compatible copy takes just a few clicks. This is especially important for users of Windows PCs where there is no option to run native iWork files. Here's how to do it.

Much like many iCloud connected apps, your files will automatically save as you're working on them. The benefit to that is that you can flick over to the iWork apps on your Mac, iPhone or iPad and pick right up where you left off. But, if you want to get an Office compatible copy of your work, you will need to export the file. The first of these involves a right click on the file in question, and when you see the menu above you either want to download the document to your computer, or send a copy.

Either option will present this dialog box. You get a choice of three formats; native, PDF or the Office equivalents to Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Once you've selected, the file will be prepared and downloaded to your computer.

If you just need to fire off a copy to an Office using friend or co-worker, you can do so right from within the editing window. Simply hit the Share button in the top right of the window, and the same dialog box as before will present itself allowing you to choose the format you wish to email.

And that's all there is to it. iWork for iCloud beta is new to a lot of people, so drop us a line in the comments and tell us how you're finding it.

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How to export your iWork for iCloud files for compatibility with Microsoft Office


But, having opened an Office file stored in iCloud (because, frankly, who uses .pages? Might as well Save as .clarisworks), it seems you can't save/export your tweaked file back to iCloud as an Office file?
So you have to Export it back to your computer before storing it back to iCloud as an Office file? Anyone see a problem with this? Don't try and convince me to move to Pages - pulled both it and its iOS version as wastes of time.

Can you use: .docx? Which is the current standard. Also when can we do landscape documents and not just portrait on our iDevices?

Personally I found this article to be very useful and compelling especially if I am getting ready to switch over from a PC to iDevice and want to get an idea on how easy it is to learn and share documents. Thank you for writing the article Richard and as always a job well done.