How fast is your iPad Air data? (Spoiler: I'm getting 50 down, 90 down on tether!)

How fast is your iPad Air data? (Spoiler: I'm getting 50 down, 90 down on tether!)

Apple claims that the iPad Air as their best-ever LTE 4G radio, with support for more bands in more places in a single model than ever before. While that's great if you live in one of those "more places", what most of us want to know is - how fast and how consistent is it on our networks of choice. I took my brand new iPad Air out for some LTE testing earlier today, and the results were stunning. I averaged between 30 and 50mbps on the device itself, which is on the good side of typical. When I tethered to my 2013 Haswell 13-inch MacBook Air, however, I got between 75 and 95mbps. Yeah, it not only blew the doors off the place, but blew them clear across town. That was on the Rogers network outside of Montreal, and everyone's bands and bandwidth will vary, of course. So, question time:

How fast is your iPad Air data? Let me know what carrier you're on, where, and if you can, try to run a few tests just to get a better sense of range. Either type the results below or, better yet, go post a screenshot in our official iMore forums iPad Air data speed thread.

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websyndicate says:

at my house if I use LTE only I get 50 down and 9 up typically. Seattle area about 55 down and about 10 up. Thats using speed test. My home internet gets better ping response but not as fast.

JeremieJones12 says:

Why doesn't have an official iPad app?