How to get real time traffic information with Maps in OS X Mavericks

How to get real time traffic information with Maps in OS X Mavericks

Maps is new to OS X Mavericks but shares a lot of the same DNA as the iOS Maps app. That includes being able to obtain real time traffic information so you know what to expect once you're on the road. It can also help you decide what route to take. Here's how:

  1. Launch the Maps app on your Mac running OS X Mavericks.
  2. Towards the top left, click on Directions.
  3. Now type in the information for where you're traveling from and where you're going and hit Enter.
  4. Once you see directions on the screen, in the top menu bar, click on View
  5. Now click on View Traffic.
  6. You can now click on any of the road signs or zoom into problem areas in order to view more information.

That's all there is to it. Maps in Mavericks will now show you traffic information until you go to view again and tell it not to. It's useful information to take a look at before even selecting a route. Also, don't forget you can send directions right to your iPhone or iPad from your Mac as well!

Allyson Kazmucha

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How to get real time traffic information with Maps in OS X Mavericks

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Maps in mavericks is pretty cool but I typically go to my iPad or iPhone for directions. It is instinctual. I never think of picking up my MBA if I need to figure out how to get somewhere. I haven't tried sending myself directions from the MBA maybe I'll try it and decide it's convenient.

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I've found myself searching for directions on a planned trip and pinging them to my iPhone before i leave. Super convenient and much quicker.

I really like the idea of this too. My computer seems much more capable of handling the graphics end of processing the map data than my iPhone does. I prefer browsing the maps on my iMac.

I've done the same. Love it! Even saved some bookmarks for trips I take frequently but have found a slightly custom route (specifically, on my twice a year trips home the Massachusetts from South Carolina, I hate taking the George Washington bridge, much prefer to head northwest a bit in New Jersey and take the Tappan Zee Bridge - I know, too specific). Now they are always available to me and my wife on out iPhones!

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Thanks, I just started doing that. Wish there was a way to get traffic on the iPhone IOS Maps itself

Thank you, as always, Allyson for the quick tutorial. Unfortunately, when I tried to check on traffic conditions between me and my favorite local pizzeria, "Show Traffic" is grayed out and not available. Is it possible that this feature may not be available in all areas?
(Love the pictures - It's how I read best.)

That's the only thing I could think of. My city is not a major metropolitan region (Nor minor - xP). I'm sure that if this is the case, our area will eventually gain this feature. It's a wonder I've lived as long as I have without this technology to tell me what's going on. xD

I clicked on show traffic but nothing shows on the map. I know for a fact part of highway is closed due to an accident but Maps traffic didn't reflect this.

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I believe it pulls from TomTom, as everything, nothing is perfect. My guess would be that info isn't fed to TomTom yet so it won't show up in Maps yet.

Awesome Alyson! I have always wondered how to use the live traffic updated in Maps. Thanks soooo much for these articles ;)

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Awesome! I'm always looking at traffic right before and after work. Doing it from my macs will be much faster.

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It is if you send the directions to your iPhone or iPad before the trip. It's always nice to get a glimpse of traffic before forwarding it to your phone and heading out the door. You may decide on a different route while walking to your car.

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I'm glad they finally came out with a simple map/navigation app for the Mac. I tried that other one RouteBuddy, but it was very pricey, ended up with a cellular iPad that offered a plethora of nav apps for much cheaper.

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I love this feature! I think Apple Maps app is almost as good as Google Maps

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Wow. Great information. Didn't know this was possible with maps on mavericks. Definitely makes apple maps even more useful.

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