How to give your MacBook stunning Wood Keys with RAWBKNY!

Ever wish you could have luxurious rosewood or beautiful bamboo keys on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Apple keyboard? Well, with the Wood Keyboard by RAWBKNY, you can! Hand cut and finished in Brooklyn, NY, they backed by 3M adhesive so they're easy-on, easy-off. And best of all, your backlight will still shine through!

Check out the video above to see the different versions and the installation procedure. I think they look great and I'm keeping them on my beloved MacBook Air. But I want to know — what do you think?

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How to give your MacBook stunning Wood Keys with RAWBKNY!


Hey Rene, or Georgia Have you used these very long yet? Some overlays can scuff or otherwise mar a screen this way. I like the look of these a lot, but wonder if they might touch the screen on my MacBook Pro when the lid is closed?

I have been using the keys for two weeks and they are very soft. I also worried that they would touch the screen and cause a problem when the Mac is closed but it works perfectly.

I have no scratches or marks on the screen either.

If these had been around back when I had my iPhone 4S I would've jumped on these immediately because I ended up replacing the shattered back panel on my 4S with one of those wooden ones.

I would have assumed the svelte statement would have given more pause than me saying a instead of an but hey, thanks for watching the video.


Apple sells keyboard overlays:

Just received my and I have to say, that I am not happy about this at all: the wood has a bleached look, the sticker are very hard to fit exactly over the lettering, taking off and re-applying essentially breaks the wood... This was a complete waste of $45... And to top it off: ALL SALES ARE FINAL.... Guys: this should not have been a recommendation

Careful. I placed an order and paid 9 months ago. They still haven't finished my order. Mike Victorovich certainly makes a beautiful product. But am I ever going to see the rest of the stuff I paid for? Doesn't look like it.

I second that mate.. Ordered this in June this year and still waiting for it arrive (been 2.5 months).. The guy : Mike Victorovich keeps promising, this will be shipped on Monday next week but never is.. Bit frustrating as there is no contact/support number anywhere on their site apart from his email address "".... Please help :)

Ordered this product and shipping was loooong. It looks great in daylight, but any low-light scenario makes the keys difficult to read. Also, removing them will bust out your buttons. No screen damage as of yet, but even a mircrofiber protection across the keyboard will not allow your macbook to close properly. Looks cool, but not as seamless as advertised or reviewed.

It took about 2 weeks for my keyboard to arrive, a little long for my tastes but it was well worth the wait. My only complaint is how on the backlight version some of the keys are completely cut out while others are just perforated. I understand that it would be difficult for some letter and symbols, but it would be nice if it was a little more uniform in that respect.

The problem with these products is the company. I ordered a Macbook Pro wood outer cover for the top and bottom. I received both in the mail but the bottom piece was a different size than the top. I emailed about returning and it took weeks to get a reply finally he gave me the address to return it but wouldn't pay for a return label. So I paid for the few dollars in shipping and sent it back. 9 months later of back and forth and not hearing anything for weeks at a time and false promises, I posted a desription of what was happening on RawBkny facebook page. I got an email saying they lost the proper template but he will order a new one and ship my order in a few weeks. I decided to ask for a refund because I didn't want to get the run around again. I didn't get a refund for the return shipping I spent or the top cover, only the $10.00 bottom cover. You would think if you make a customer wait 10 months to get your product you would give a full refund. If you look on the facebook page there are many other people that are having the same issues with customer service and getting there order. I'm writing this because how frustrating is was to deal with this company it's hard to see someone recommending their product.

This company is run by a guy named Michael Victorovich who is a fraudster!
The company simply DO NOT have the items listed for sale and take your money hoping to ignore emails for long enough that you will just give in and walk away out of pocket!!
Please look around the numerous online listings for this company and you will see that MANY people have had the same treatment with at best an email saying the warehouse had been flooded and all stock is damaged, all computers are down and so on. This flood has not stopped them taking orders and money! Then if you are lucky you will get an email which shows a PRE shipping tracking number from the USPS.COM website which will never be updated because the parcel/item will never be sent to them and obviously NEVER make it to you the paying sucker; sorry customer!!!

I personally feel that this company are the kind of fraudsters who now and then do some drop shipping whereby they take plenty of orders to cover the cost of the items BEFORE even purchasing their stock which is then sent on to you the customer; this is obviously taking in excess of 8 weeks and is the best you can hope for from this dodgy outfit!!!!


I left my review which is above and a link for others to review the company on their facebook page. A few minutes later all the comments were deleted and I got an email from Michael asking me what my expectations were for the refund and he would consider it if I take down my negative posts about the company. If it was just me having these issues I would take the bribe and delete the posts but in the 2 years I had to deal with this company I've only seen the same issues with many other people as well.

You can review yourself here:


i was recently contacted by Michael V at RAWBKNY as he had seen this review/comment and felt that he would be justified in offering me a full refund in return for me removing these comments.

i have no interest in being paid for hiding my honest and open review and opinion of my experience with this company but felt he was entitled to a fair chance at putting right issues which he said we were out of his control and had now been rectified.

so after several emails between the 2 of us i agreed to a TEST TRANSACTION where he in place of a refund would take another order(free of charge) and i would be able to see if the items he lists for sale are available to ship immediately, are of a good quality and if indeed the customer service promise of a timely and quality transaction can be completed/upheld.

my TEST order of 2 exotic skins was shipped on the 3rd feb 2015 and i was issued with a USPS tracking number which took a few days to show as live but my items arrived with me on the 14th feb 2015.

all in all i am now happy that the company do indeed have the products listed online, can process orders in a timely manner and will respond to emails/customer queries.

obviously this transaction was one which was being completed as a known TEST TRANSACTION and due to this fact it could be that i was given a better service than others may receive but i would be inclined to be fair and give them the chance they deserve to make a go of their business and i must also say, the product is VERY nice and performs well and i certainly cannot find another product for sale at a similar price.

i am based in London and wanted to leave an honest account of my experience for any potential customers of RAWBKNY. i was not paid to change my mind and apart from the 2 exotic iphone skins i received in the transaction have received nothing to leave this further comment. i am not removing my previous comment but feel tis shows that the company and Michael V in particular are indeed showing commitment to their business and do indeed have a great product at a fair price and as long as they can uphold the same level of customer service i received in my latest transaction i would be happy to shop with them again!!